March 5, 1999


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News of the Glenn Seaborg's death brought responses from the many different walks that crisscrossed his multifaceted life. Here is just a small sample of what people had to say.

Berkeley Lab Director Charles Shank:

"For his service to science, to education, and to our nation, we honor Dr. Seaborg's distinguished lifetime and will forever treasure his contributions to our institutions and to our lives. We who have been touched by his wisdom, his energy, and his tireless devotion to our profession will miss him."

UC President Richard Atkinson:

"As a Nobel Prize-winning scientist who revolutionized our understanding of matter, and as a superb professor, chancellor, laboratory leader and champion of science education for generations of California's children, Dr. Seaborg has earned a proud and permanent place in the university's history."

UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert M. Berdahl:

"At the University of California, Berkeley, we have lost a revered member of our campus family. We cherished Glenn Seaborg, and we will miss him dearly. He embraced this place as his family, and for more than six decades he loved it as deeply as anyone could. Berkeley, in return, loved him with its whole heart."

Former UC president and Berkeley Chancellor Clark Kerr:

"I consider Glenn Seaborg, among all the faculty of the University of California, to be the most distinguished in all the four areas of excellence in which we judge faculty - research, teaching, university service and service to the country."

Director of DOE's Office of Science Martha Krebs:

"Like many champions, Glenn Seaborg was notable for his concentration. He never lost an opportunity to communicate thoughtfully about national issues that were important to him - science education, nuclear science, or comprehensive nuclear disarmament. But unlike many champions, he won our hearts by his accessibility to everyone from kindergartners to seventh grade teachers to world leaders."

Former Berkeley Lab Director David Shirley:

"I had unique opportunities to observe and admire Glenn's social skills, as we were campmates in the Bohemian Club since 1986. He could walk down the road in the rustic setting of Bohemian Grove, meet people he knew from all walks of life, and become engaged in casual, but meaningful, conversation on education, nuclear proliferation, football, or almost anything else."

Former Berkeley Lab Director Andy Sessler:

"When people thought of Berkeley, they thought of Glenn Seaborg. Glenn’s stage was so large -- extending from the Old Radiation Lab, to the Berkeley Campus, to the Manhattan Project, to the entire UC System, to the AEC, to the national scene as advisor to many presidents, to the Lawrence Hall, in fact to the whole world -- that one might think that he was not interested in, nor paid much attention to, Lab matters. Nothing could be further from the truth."

UC Berkeley Seaborg Chair in Physical Chemistry Alex Pines:

"Glenn Seaborg embodied for me the spirit, the history, the very essence of Berkeley; he was a great scientist and teacher, a mentor to generations of students, professors and presidents. He was also a humanitarian, a dedicated and loyal leader, exemplifying the highest values of the University and the Laboratory. Glenn was my beloved colleague and friend -- I shall miss him terribly."

Nuclear Science Division Director Lee Schroeder:

"Glenn's legacy lives on in his students, his colleagues in science, the public arena and the people (most of us) touched by his contributions and discoveries and his excellence, in everything he touched or held dear."

Nobel laureate Charles Townes:

"Glenn is one of the people who proved how right Ernest O. Lawrence was in the need for selecting excellent people, and what can result from that. Glenn was just a nice, tall, quiet person who worked away at important things."

Former Lawrence Livermore Lab Director Herbert York:

"Glenn is one of those people who won a Nobel Prize and deserved it."

Chemist and long-time Seaborg collaborator Darleane Hoffman:

"Glenn used to admonish us not to procrastinate but to 'Do it now!' I admired and marveled at the way he carried this out. He prepared papers before the deadline and he answered all correspondence promptly. Another very important piece of advice he gave was, 'Keep people informed.'"

Physicist and long-time Seaborg collaborator Albert Ghiorso:

"He always had his eye on the ball and knew what he was doing. He wanted to get results. He had amazing energy and he was very meticulous about details ... I was always amazed how he would know more about what I was doing than I would ... Glenn did a lot where a lot of people wouldn't or couldn't."


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