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Since Berkeley Lab launched one of the world's first 250 Web sites in 1993, we have been intent on using the Web to close the communication gap between scientists and the public.  The American public pays for the research at this national laboratory. Science Beat helps us tell you what we are doing, allowing us to deliver the intellectual fruits that your tax dollars have made possible. 

Science Beat can be described as scientific news for those who want to know but don't speak the language.  The information online here has been translated and interpreted by writers Lynn Yarris, Paul Preuss, Jeffery Kahn, and Allan Chen from our Public Information Department. Ron Kolb heads the department. Many of the photos are by Lab photographer Roy Kaltschmidt (and are available in high-resolution format to qualified members of the media).

Jeffery Kahn is the editor of Science Beat (as well as its web producer).  If you have comments or suggestions about Science Beat, please contact him at