LBL Currents -- August 26, 1994

Environmentally friendly technique recovers metals from waste water

By Lynn Yarris, [email protected]

An environmentally benign technique for removing and recovering metals from waste water that is being developed by LBL scientists could be used to clean up abandoned open-pit mines such as the Berkeley Pit in Butte, Montana.

Richard H. Fish, a chemist with the Energy and Environment Division, led the research into chemically modifying tiny polystyrene beads with a special type of organic molecule called a ligand so that they recognize and tightly bind to certain metal ions. The beads are then removed from water and the metals are recovered from the beads.

Located in an ore-rich section of southwestern Montana, the Berkeley Pit is a vast open-pit mine that was closed in the 1980s and has been slotted by the U.S. Department of Energy as a "demonstration site" for environmental reclamation. Following the shutdown of mining operations, the Berkeley Pit was filled with some 17 billion gallons of water. Suspended in this water are substantial concentrations of various types of metal ions, including iron, copper, zinc, manganese, magnesium, and aluminum.

"Recovering the metals in the Berkeley Pit could be worth billions of dollars," says Fish. "Even if the recovery of the metals were not in itself economically viable, it would help defray the costs of cleaning up the pit."

To recover metal ions from waste water, Fish took what is called a "biomimetic approach," that is, he mimicked natural ligands that selectively sequester metals. By modifying commercial polystyrene beads with these biomimics, Fish and his colleagues created a cage-like molecular complex that will recognize and encapsulate specific metal ions.

The original complex that Fish and his group synthesized on the beads, called a "catechol ligand," did not work on metals in aqueous solution. However, by adding a sulfonic acid group, the researchers not only made their catechol ligand work in an aqueous solution, they also increased its ability to capture and remove metal ions by a factor of ten.

"Making and treating the beads is a relatively easy and inexpensive chemical procedure," says Fish. "The beads have a long life and can be reused after recovery of their metals."

The ability of Fish's treated beads to selectively react with specific types of metal ions depends upon the acidity of the water. At the highest acidity, a pH of 2.5 or less, the beads primarily capture iron, which is by far the biggest concentration of metal ions in the Berkeley Pit.

"It is important that ferric ions be removed first, because otherwise they will compete and interfere with the recovery of other metals of value," says Fish.

At a pH of 3.0, after the iron has been removed, the beads favor the recovery of mercury. Though not present at the Berkeley Pit, mercury is an environmentally important contaminant present at other DOE demonstration sites. At a pH of 5.0, the beads begin to select for a range of metals including copper, nickel, zinc, and manganese. As the water becomes more basic, Fish says the beads can even be used to remove radioisotopes.

"The more selectivity we have the better off we are because it circumvents the chemistry of competition that complicates most recovery programs," says Fish. "If we could provide the same level of recognition in our beads that biological molecules display we would have the ultimate in selectivity."

Working with Fish on this project have been postdoctoral fellows Songping Huang and Wei Li, and undergraduates Katherine Franz of Wellesley College, Dana Miggins of Jackson State University, and Mercedes Coughlin of UC Berkeley. Working with him as a consultant on the project was Robert Albright.

PHOTO CAPTION -- A "green" technique for recovering metals from waste water has been developed by E&E chemists including Dick Fish, Wei Li, Katherine Franz, Songping Huang, and Brooke Groves-Anderson.
Photo by Steve Adams

Second group finishes leadership training program

By Mike Wooldridge, [email protected]

More than 150 department heads, managers and supervisors celebrated the finish of their FrontLine Leadership Training Program with a graduation ceremony in the Bldg. 50 Auditorium on Wednesday, Aug. 17. This was the second group to finish the five-month series of management workshops.

Administered by Zenger Miller Inc. of San Jose, the program works to enhance management skills through training modules that focus on interpersonal issues such as managing changes and coaching for optimal performance. Nearly 400 supervisory personnel have gone through training since the Lab kicked off the first series of workshops last summer.

Several graduates of the program spoke about the positive impact the training experience has had on their jobs, including Marguerite Fernandes of Inventory Management, Rose Bolton of Information Systems and Services, Curtis Nunnally and Joyce Young of Engineering and Kathleen Dinnel of Environment, Health and Safety.

Rod Fleischman, Associate Lab Director of Administration, and Klaus Berkner, Associate Lab Director of Operations, also spoke at the ceremony. Fleischman and Berkner spearheaded the effort to bring the Zenger Miller program to LBL.

The first group of scientific managers began their Zenger Miller training in June. A follow-up course for managers and supervisors is scheduled to begin in the fall.

PHOTO CAPTIONS-- Curtis Nunnally of the Engineering Division, a new graduate of the Zenger Miller Frontline Leadership Program, talks about his experience with the program.
Photo by Paul Hames

Kicking for the gold

Rupert Perera, a staff scientist at the Advanced Light Source, coached a Pleasant Hill/Martinez boys' soccer team--the Surge--to a first-place finish in the under-16 division at the American Youth Soccer Organization World Games held last month in Honolulu, Hawaii. The Surge was 4-1-1 at the tournament, scoring 19 goals and giving up only six. The tournament was one of four such events held across the United States in honor of this year's World Cup. Perera said he wanted to thank all the Lab employees who supported the Surge, especially through the team's candy sales. "The ALS users and staff ate a lot of candy bars for us," he said.

Database Forum Meeting to tackle information issues

Contributed by Rose Bolton

The LBL Database Forum has been a major factor in some of the decisions made over the last year regarding the direction of computing and information systems at the Laboratory. A joint effort of ISS and ICSD, the forum was started in September 1992 to facilitate information exchange and foster coordination among participants in database projects throughout the Laboratory. Its focus initially was specific database projects in progress, but it quickly expanded into addressing overall Laboratory-wide database and information concerns.

The Database Forum meets bi-monthly and usually consists of a presentation by an individual or group, followed by discussion. It is open to any LBL employee and is attended by a cross-section of Lab employees who are responsible for or are interested in the Laboratory's and their own information needs. The forums, and the opinions expressed, have helped ISS and ICSD formulate directions that are of benefit to the entire Laboratory.

A major outcome of the Database Forum was the decision to name one relational database management system (RDBMS) as an LBL standard. A Request for Information was submitted to major RDBMS vendors and their responses were evaluated by various volunteer sub-committees. As a result, it was decided that the Oracle RDBMS would be used as a pilot for a new Purchasing system. The system went "live" in a pilot implementation phase last month. In the meantime, several groups at the Laboratory have purchased Oracle and are using it for their own systems. This is the first time the Laboratory has worked in concert on developing a database standard.

Currently, the Database Forum is addressing the issue of institutional data--what is it, who needs it, how can LBL make core institutional data available? The forum meetings have been helpful in answering these questions. As a result, the next meeting of the Database Forum will address the current repository of much of LBL's institutional data--the ToolKit.

Esther Schroeder will present the concept, data and reports available in this Lab-wide information system. She will also demo its use. Attendees of the Database Forum have indicated that they are initially more interested in what is currently available than in what a future repository might provide. Thus, the upcoming Database Forum will address this issue and will discuss ideas for more and better use of the ToolKit.

If you are interested in hearing about how the ToolKit might meet some of your current information needs, you are invited to attend the Database Forum scheduled from 10:30 a.m. to noon on Wednesday, Aug. 31, in Bldg. 50A-5132.

If you cannot attend but are interested in future meetings, please contact Valerie Williams (X5587). Other comments or questions can be made to any of the Database Forum Steering Committee members: ISS: Carl Eben, Rose Bolton, Esther Schroeder, Steve Abraham, Joyce Putnam, David Polanshek; ICSD: Sandy Merola, Dennis Hall, Claudia Madison, Mark Dedlow. All of these people can be reached through [email protected]

Database Forum

10:30 a.m. - noon

Wednesday, Aug. 31

Bldg. 50A-5132



Gareth Thomas of the Materials Sciences Division has accepted the new position as editor-in-chief of the journals Acta Metallurgica et Materialia and Scripta Metallurgica et Materialia, two of the most prestigious journals in the field of Materials Sciences. Kannan M. Krishnan of LBL's National Center for Electron Microscopy will serve as an assistant editor.


The following is a statement by Secretary of Energy Hazel R. O'Leary in response to the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) report released on August 22 that calls for increased global safeguards for plutonium and uranium: "At the Department of Energy, we are open to reviewing the issue of the appropriate levels of plutonium and uranium that need to be safeguarded internationally for nonproliferation purposes. I have asked our technical staff to get together with the NRDC's technical staff to review their new assessment, and I look forward to a constructive dialogue. I also welcome anyone else with the skills to help us evaluate this assessment to come forward and join the debate. I received a copy of NRDC's report last week and had a chance to review it in advance, and now that it has been issued, I plan to move forward quickly to open a dialogue on the issue."


Inside Energy reports in its latest issue that the General Accounting Office is questioning whether new environmental cleanup technologies are being given enough consideration for the remediation of contaminated DOE sites. "We found that new technologies are not being seriously considered or used to clean up DOE's contaminated sites," states a new GAO report. "Senior headquarters environmental officials told us that new technologies have not been rigorously evaluated much less employed by DOE." According to Inside Energy, the GAO report went on to say that the need for cleanup technology that is "faster, cheaper, and safer than conventional approaches," is becoming increasingly important for DOE, given agreements the department has signed with states and regulators that require accelerated progress in stabilizing or restoring numerous sites over the next few years. "Developing less costly and more effective cleanup technologies may be the only way the nation can afford to clean up the vast amounts of waste generated by the nation's nuclear weapons production complex."


Your news is important to us. If you or your group would like to announce recent awards, appointments, accomplishments, articles in print and other items of interest to our readers, please send your announcements to Currents, Public Information Department, Bldg. 65B; fax to X6641; or QuickMail to Mary Bodvarsson.

Surplus property sale

LBL will be selling property no longer needed by the Government to the public every Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the 903 Receiving Warehouse, 2700 7th St., Berkeley. Laboratory employees are invited to attend. An assortment of property will be offered, including computers, desks, calculators, laboratory supplies and equipment, test instruments, metals, drafting tables, cameras, and more. All property will be sold "as is," cash and carry only. For more information call X5151.

Runaround preparation tips

Runaround XVII, set for noon on Friday, Sept. 16, is only a few weeks away. This is a fun run, so individual and group costumes are strongly encouraged.

Remember--you don't have to run to participate. Walkers and striders as well as runners and joggers are encouraged to join in. Runaround T-shirts will be given to finishers, and a big post-run party, complete with refreshments, music and awards, will be held outside the cafeteria. Suggestions for new fun prizes and other ideas are welcome--call Recreation Coordinator Kathleen Handron at X5474. Please remember that the run is for LBL employees and retirees only.

Steve Derenzo, an experienced runner and Runaround organizer, has these points for participants:

Before the runaround: The course is 3 kilometers (1.86 miles) long, with some steep elevation changes. Participants in average physical condition should be able to jog the level and downhill portions and walk the uphill sections. If you want more preparation, jog two or three times a week, one to three miles per session.

During the Runaround: The race will start promptly at noon on the road east of the Firehouse, close to the fork (see Aug. 19 Currents for course map). Unless you are interested in competitive racing, relax and enjoy it--you don't have to push yourself to the gasping point.

Apple computer demo

ICSD's Computing Services will host an Apple Computer Demo on Tuesday, Aug. 30, in the Bldg. 50 Auditorium. This will be an opportunity for all Laboratory employees to learn about the new Power Macs and System 7.5 Software.

LBL's Apple representative, Micaela Weeks, along with several Apple engineers, will demonstrate the latest models and answer questions. Demo systems will be available for hands-on testing in the lobby outside the auditorium.

The schedule is as follows:

10-11 a.m. System 7.5 Technical Overview

11-Noon Power Mac Presentation and Product Update

Noon -1:30 p.m. Brown-bag Q&A

Hispanic Month song & dance festival

In honor of National Hispanic Month, the Lab's new Latino and Native American Association (LANA) will kick off their September activities with a presentation of dances and songs by Ballet Folklórico of Carlos Moreno and Bear Spirit Singers & Dancers. The celebration will begin at noon on Thursday, Sept. 1, in the Bldg. 50 Auditorium. Refreshments will be provided.

If you are interested in joining LANA, please call Rosa Rodriguez at X4766.

LBL softball league

Following are updated scores and standings, effective August 24:

Results of August 24:

CAMshafts 6, Animals 3

Rated X 15, Off-The-Hill 5

Legends 18, Ball Park Estimates 2

CAMshafts 7, Budget Cuts 3

Environ-Mets 11, Native Defects 10

Ball Park Estimates 14, SUDZ 3

Standings as of August 24:

Western Division

Budget Cuts 8-5

Environ-Mets 8-5

Animals 6-7

SUDZ 5-8

CAMshafts 2-11

Eastern Division

Legends 12-1

Rated X 12-1

Ball Park Estimates 5-8

Native Defects 4-9

Off-The-Hill 3-10

Playoffs will be held on Wednesday, Aug. 31, at Kleeberger Field (Gayley Road at Rimway Road), beginning at 6 p.m.

Open meeting on purchasing

The Lab's Purchasing Process Improvement Team (PIT) will hold an open meeting from 11 a.m. to noon on Monday, Aug. 29, in the Bldg. 50 Auditorium. All employees are encouraged to attend.

The Purchasing PIT is one of several process improvement teams currently underway at LBL. The Purchasing team has the prime objective of reducing "cycle time"--the period from the date the purchase requisition is completed to the date the item is delivered. Other objectives include reducing the overall cost of the purchasing process, reducing errors, and staying in compliance with DOE and other requirements.

Before the PIT was formed, the Laboratory had already embarked on conversion to an automated purchasing system, which will eliminate much of the present paperwork and help meet many other objectives.

Other approaches include eliminating or simplifying many of the signature approvals that are currently required, developing a Users' Guide to assist new users of the purchasing system, and introducing streamlined methods for procuring low-value items. One such method is a business credit card which a properly trained person can use to purchase items with relative ease. Another is "Just-in-Time" systems in which a wide variety of pre-approved items may be readily purchased from catalogs, similar to the present Boise-Cascade system for office products.

At the open meeting, team members will give an overview and short presentations on the various approaches to improving the purchasing process. The floor will then be open for comments and questions, and for raising concerns about the purchasing process. The team members are Don Grether (Chair), Tom Beales, Marion Blechman, John Broughton, David Chen, Dennis Hall, Linda Maio, Chuck McDonald, Teresa Rossi, Rick Schwarz, Helmuth Spieler, and Jerry Young.

C A L E N D A R -- August 29 to September 2

29 m o n d a y


11 a.m.-noon, Bldg. 50 Aud.

30 t u e s d a y


10 a.m.-1:30 p.m., BLDG. 50 Aud.

31 w e d n e s d a y


8 a.m.-noon, Bldg. 48-109; First Aid (EHS-116); pre-registration required, X6554


10:30 a.m., Bldg. 50A-5132; Toolkit Presentation by E. Schroeder, LBL



Noon, lower cafeteria

1 t h u r s d a y


4 p.m., 1 Le Conte; I. Depater, UCB, "The Great Crash of Comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 with Jupiter," Refreshments, 3:30 p.m., 661 Campbell

2 f r i d a y


10:30 a.m., Bldg. 71 Conf. Rm.; M. Bowman and G. Dahlbacka, LBL, "Technology Transfer: How Does it Work?"



Banana pancakes

Vegetable beef

Cheese ravioli

Guacamole burger

South of the Border


Breakfast sandwich

Split pea

Chicken-fried steak

Tuna melt

South of the Border


Eggs Benedict

Black bean chili

Chicken chow mein

Barbecued beef

South of the Border


Big blueberry pancakes

Creamy clam chowder

Rosemary chicken

Rib-eye steak sandwich

South of the Border


Ham scramble

Oriental chicken

Tempura-fried fish

Grilled ham & cheese

South of the Border


Flea Market ads may be sent via Lab mail to Bldg. 65B, electronic mail to [email protected], or via Fax to X6641. The deadline is 5 p.m. Friday.


'62 RENAULT Dauphine, runs, needs work, $625 or trade. Vlad, X5177, 849-1579

'80 HONDA Accord LX hatchbk, 5-spd 126K mi., exc. cond., leaving the country, $1K. 649-7607

'80 HONDA Civic wgn, a/t, runs great, needs muffler, $450 as is. Ulli, X5347, 601-6541

'81 HONDA Civic 1500cc, 3-dr, 5-spd, 150K mi., exc. cond., maint. record avail., $1K negot. Philippe, 528-6953 (after 7 p.m.)

'85 BMW 318i, 2-dr, 5-spd, sunroof, a/c, full power, white, 112K mi., exc. cond., must sell, $5700. X6333, 524-8183

'85 HONDA Accord LX, 4-dr sedan, 5-spd, dk gray, 94K mi., p/s, pwr locks & windows, a/c, am/fm cass., exc. cond., clean, all maint. records avail., $4K/b.o. Zaf, X5784, (415)776-5653

'86 NISSAN Sentra, 2-dr, silver, sunroof, stereo, 135K mi., $2K. Tim, 643-8054, 223-5832 (eve.)

'86 TOYOTA 4x4 pickup, beige, a/c, 4-cyl, alloy wheels, 146K mi., $3200. Mark, X6554, 236-5980

'87 MAZDA 626 2.0i, 4-dr sedan, a/t, a/c, am/fm/cass. stereo, clean, gd cond., $3500/b.o. 793-6844

'87 MITSUBISHI Precis, 5-spd, a/c, runs well, $1750. X6333, 524-8183

'87 PLYMOUTH Colt Vista wgn, 4WD, 1 owner, 5-spd, a/c, p/b, p/s, roof rack, alloy wheels, v.g. cond., seats 7, all maint. records avail., $4.8K. Doug Lockhart, X5120, 482-1563

'90 HONDA Accord LX, 4-dr, 5-spd, 45K mi. pwr locks & windows, a/c, am/fm/cass. stereo, exc. cond., $7995/b.o. 843-3148

'92 SUZUKI Sidekick, 2-dr, JX, 4WD, LE, lavender/pink, wide M/S tires, raised white lettering, am/fm/cass. stereo, 55K mi., exc. cond., $9K. Shirley, X4521

ALL TERRAIN VEHICLE (ATV), Kawasaki, 300 Bayou, 4 wheel type, new, perfect cond., used approx. 3 times w/less than 10 total hrs., stored & garaged since new, runs perfect, $2500. David Piepho, 803-9939, 516-2358

MOTORCYCLE, '85 Honda Shadow VT500, red, 6-spd, 23K mi., great cond., recently serviced. Jennifer, X6770

MOTORCYCLE, '85 Honda V65 Sabre, 21K mi., sports bags, Honda fairing, exc. cond. Jeff Beeman, X5153, 22-5406

WHEELS, alloy (4) KMC, very sharp, fits Toyota or Chevy pickup trucks, $250/b.o. Bob G., X7670, 687-7451


S.F. OPERA, Sat. nite balcony pr., Macbeth 9/24, Otello 10/22, possibly others, $80/pr. P. Concus, 526-3519


ALTERNATE for LBL Bowling team, Wed. eves., 6-9 p.m., starts 9/7. Jean, X5678

CHILD CARE JOB for our loving, playful, energetic, creative sitter, exc. English, avail. Mon., Wed. & Fri. all day, Tues. & Th. mornings, starting in September, several yrs exp., great refs. Lindsay, X5009, 528-2951

CHILD-CARE JOB for my wonderful, Spanish-speaking babysitter, f/t or p/t, exc. refs., has worked for me since Oct. `92, prefer Berkeley, Albany, Oakland areas. Carolyn, X7827, 631-9781

GARAGE for 2-3 mos. in Bay Area. Bob, X6251

HOUSE TO SIT, early Sept., LBL researcher, 37 male, non-smoker, non-drinker, free. Bob, X6251

INFORMATION on '84 Toyota Camry LE, Michael, 601-9210, in 8/5 Currents Flea Mkt. Terry Murphy, 637-1871

STEPLADDER, 10 or 12 ft. Monte, X6761

ULTIMATE FRISBEE PLAYERS for a coed corporate league tournament in San Jose, 9/17-18. J. Eto, X7284

WILLOW BRANCHES, green (not dry), in lengths of 2 to 3 ft. Janet, X4450


BEDROOM SET, '20s French burl walnut, dbl bed, dresser w/3 pc. mirrors, curio cabinet, marble top side table, gd cond., $975/b.o. for 4 pcs.; child's stool, $20; (2) teak side tables, $50/pr.; French antique chair, $125; weight bench & weights, $50; Duncan Phyfe table, 2 pedestals, fair cond., $125; French provincial mirror frame, $50; (2) pedestals, oak base, marble tops, need work, $75 ea.; African mask, $100; diamond & sapphire bracelet, was $2200, $1K/b.o.; old-fashioned wicker bassinet, $75/b.o.; table, wooden, swivel top, cream wrought-iron base, $45. Elise, X4574

BICYCLE, touring, man's, Motobecane, 19-1/3" frame, 2 lights & generator, side pull levers on brakes, gold color, 10-spd, ctr pull brakes, carrier, exc. cond., $100 firm. 525-1152 (after 1 p.m./msg.)

BICYCLE, Miyata road bike, 21" frame, tires 700x23C w/Presta valves, Shimano equip., 12-spd, incl. lights & lock, gd cond., $175/b.o. Jonathan, X4704

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COMPUTER, IBM XT, 10 Meg HD, color monitor, letter-qual. printer, all cables, lots of software, incl. Word Perfect, $200. X4646, 482-1739

DIAMOND RING/SETTING, woman's, 18K gold setting w/24 diamonds (approx. 1 carat total weight), perfect cond., $2K. David Piepho, 803-9939, 516-2358

GARAGE SALE, multi-family, quality household goods, furn., clothing, books, collectibles, 400 blk of McAuley St., No. Oakland (1 blk from Claremont & Colby, 2 blks from Rockridge BART), Sat., 8/27, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

LITHOGRAPH, Oakland Raiders, 1979, collector's item, #12 of 100, framed, 19x21, exc. cond., best offer. Monte, X6761

MACINTOSH IIsi, 5 RAM 80MB hard drive w/14 in. Apple/Trinitron color monitor, extended keyboard, Apple Imagewriter II printer, Word, Excel, Pagemaker, Filemaker, Illustrator, barely used, $1400. John, X7343, 848-9526

MICROWAVE/ OVEN combination, GE Dual Wave II, Hotpoint, new/crated, model JKP68G K3BG. Peter, (415)961-3126

MOVING SALE: Sofabed + matching sofa, $260; glass dining table + 4 chairs, $120; queen sz. bed + headboard, $95; carpet, 10'x13', $55; TV, 23" Zenith, $120; Yamaha keyboard, $215; bunk bed, hard wood, $130; skate board, $10; table, $15; girl's bike, $15 & more. 524-8183

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PIANO w/bench, antique tiger oak, 1914 upright, ivory keys, looks & sounds great, $1850. Peter, X7337, 531-7837

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TV, Zenith 27", color, $50; unicycle, Schwinn, 24" wheel, $50. Karl, X7961 (msg.), 549-1412


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ALBANY, 2-bdrm, 1-bth apt in 5-plex, nr shopping & trans., laundry rm, storage area, off-st. parking, $835/mo. + $900 sec. dep. 524-7556 (msg.), 524-4658

ALBANY, 2-bdrm, 2-bth condo, very clean, partly furn, bay view, swimming pool, tennis cts, 24-hr. sec., garage parking, bus/BART to LBL/UCB 15 min., nr shopping, no pet, non-smoker, avail. mid-Sept., lease, $950/mo. Rai Sun, X7613, 524-7941 (eve.)

ALBANY, unfurn. 2-bdrm, 2-1/2 bth condo, frpl, sec. gate & garage, nr trans. & E.C. Plaza, no pets, non-smoker, $1K/mo. Mrs. Kim, 524-4199

ALBANY, nr Solano Ave., 1-bdrm, avail. for 2-4 mos., furn. negot., $700/mo. 527-9160

BERKELEY, Oct. sublet, furn. 1-bdrm apt., linen, cookware, coin-op washer/dryer, walk to UCB/LBL bus stop (5 min.), $550 incl. utils. Adrian, X5784, 845-8437

BERKELEY, walk to LHS, furn. rm w/sep. entrance, pvt bth, garden view, kitchen & laundry privs., $495/mo. 549-0510

BERKELEY HILLS, Euclid/Cedar, 5 blks from UCB, furn. rm in pvt. home, kitchen privs., washer/dryer, deck, view, nr trans., shops, tennis cts. & Rose Garden, non-smoker, no pets, must be clean, prefer visiting scholar/ft working person, $450/mo. + util. Laura, 642-8517, 548-1287

NO. BERKELEY, furn. 1-bdrm in-law apt., fully equipped, quiet, pvt., washer/dryer, yd, $700/mo. incl. utils. 526-4147 (before 7 p.m.)

NO. BERKELEY, furn. lg. rm. in 4-bdrm house, 4-bridge view, bus stop, parking, $425/mo. 528-6953

NO. BERKELEY, bed & bkfast, furn. cottage in garden, main house has kitchen & bth, daily bkfast, kitchen privs., by the mo. only, walking distance to UCB, $600/mo. 527-3252

CROCKETT, 3-bdrm, 2-bth house, secluded w/trees, lg. living rm, lg. wrap-around deck w/view of Carquinez Strait, 15 mi. to LBL, 5 min. to I-80, $1100/mo. Frank, 540-0838

EL CERRITO, lg. pvt. rm w/frpl, bth & refrig., nr trans. & shopping, $350/mo. Teresa, 528-4935 (eve.)

EL CERRITO, 1-bdrm, 1-bth in-law apt, wall-to-wall carpet, microwave/convection oven, washer/dryer, nr Del Norte BART & shopping, very quiet, $575/mo. incl. utils/cable. Sari, X4764, 232-6546

KENSINGTON, spacious 5-bdrm house to share w/1 person, pvt. bth, privacy, bay view from lg. bdrm, garden, trees, nr busses (#7 & #10) & shopping, favorite of LBL people, $510/mo., light work can be exchanged for part of rent. 524-7086

WALNUT CREEK, 2-bdrm, 1-bth home, quiet, wooded setting, nr BART, non-smokers, no pets, $975/mo. 895-3584 (msg.)

CENT. LONDON, furn. 2-bdrm, 1-bth apt, living rm, modern kitchen, cent. heating, carpet, walk to trans., stores, etc., lease, avail Aug. 527-0189

WANTED: Visiting Fulbright Scholar seeks furn. sm. apt/house or house-sit, 10/94 - 3/95, prefer walk to UCB, 1 person, professor from Thailand in her 40s, quiet, non-smoking, likes gardening, local refs. X7435


MENDOCINO, 2-bdrm, 2-bth country home, overlooking the Anderson Valley, views, warm & sunny, 20 min. inland from Elk Beach, pvt., quiet, decks, gardens, set on 24 acres of redwood forest, wkend getaway/family vac. Rose Sergeant, 849-1726

NEAR ROME, ITALY, secluded farmhouse 40 mi. no. of Rome, in Sabine hills overlooking Tiber, easy access autostrada A1 & trains, car advisable, 3-bdrm, 2-bth, furn. incl. satellite TV & cent. heating, avail. Sept.-June incl., long term, $400/mo. Morris, X4403, or Mr./Mrs. Kadish, Italy, 011-39765-570105 or London (after Aug.) 011-4481-4511559


CAT, gentle, adult calico, our son is allergic to her. Lindsay, X5009, 528-2951, or Vern, X7504

DOG, med. sz., gd companion, exc. guard dog, German Shepherd/Doberman, 6 yr. old female, doesn't deal well w/children under 8-10 yrs. old. Maria, X4035



Mary Bodvarsson, X4014

Mac QuickMail, fax X6641

[email protected]


Jeffery Kahn

Mike Wooldridge

Lynn Yarris


Fax X6641

[email protected]

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Deadline: 5 p.m. Friday


Mary Padilla, X5771


Alice Ramirez


Public Information Dept., Bldg. 65B

Mike Chartock, Acting Manager