Virtual Reality Tour of the ALS


Welcome to the experiment floor of the ALS! You can take a panorama 'tour' around one of the areas where ALS staff and scientists work by holding down the mouse key and moving to the left or right, or up and down. The arrow keys will also allow you to move slowly around the area. To zoom in on something that catches your eye, use the option or alt key; to zoom out, press the control key.

Now you are ready to begin your tour! You are standing near Beamline 7.3.1., a brand new bend-magnet beamline that will be used to study magnetic materials using specialized x-ray microscopes.

As you tour the area, here are some things to look for:

  • The beige concrete shielding walls that enclose the storage ring.
  • Bright blue support stands that hold up beamlines and their components.
  • Beamline 7.3.1. See if you can follow the beamline from where it comes out of the storage ring shielding wall to where it ends at an elevated platform.
  • Big white cylindrical structures that look like they belong in a playground. These are supports for the experimental endstation.
  • Follow the yellow stairs upward; they go to the top of the storage ring wall.
  • Look up at the roof of the ALS. You will get a better idea of the circular nature of the building and see part of the original structure built by E.O. Lawrence in the 1930's.

Most of all, have fun!


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