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Finding the Space Between Bunches
Electrons in the ALS are grouped into bunches as they go around the storage ring. It's not very hard to calculate how far apart they are, just like an accelerator physicist might do, and the answer may surprise you.

Constructing Crystal Models
Using straws, students can build models of different crystal structures and feel which structures are inherently stronger.

Polymer Modeling Activity
Use paper clips to make models of different types of polymers. This activity helps students visualize how polymer molecules are arranged to give materials different characteristics.

Polymer Fiber Orientation Activity
Students can explore how the orientation of fibers affects the strength of common materials like paper and plastic.

Hydrogen Bonding Activity
Explore the results of electrostatic attraction in cellophane tape, and see how electrostatic effects can bind atoms together.

More Hydrogen Bonding Demonstrations
How can a paper clip float on water? Look at the real thing and see what's happening on the surface of the water. Try filling a cup to the rim to investigate another effect of hydrogen bonding. Test the interaction between an electrostatically charged comb and flowing water to see yet another effect.

Selective Absorption Activity
Use colored filters to investigate how materials can absorb light of some colors and allow other colors to pass through.

Is There Se in Your Vitamins?
Check out how much selenium a typical vitamin gives us, and compare this to how much selenium we need and how much is too much.

Soil Flushing Activity
Use a coffee filter to model what happens in an evaporation pond when salty irrigation water drains into it.

Create Your Own Marsh!
Make your own marsh in a test tube. Students can see how the elements in a marsh change forms as they gain and lose electrons.

How About a Glass of Diffused Vegetable Dye?
Watch diffusion in a glass of water to see how quickly and thoroughly it occurs.


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