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 The ALS   The Advanced Light Source: A Tool for Solving Scientific Mysteries
Electrons racing at nearly the speed of light? Find out how and why.
 Tour the ALS   Take a "QUICK" Tour of the ALS
Venture onto the floor of the ALS and get a 'scientist's-eye-view' of a beamline under construction. (This tour requires a QuickTime Plug-in; click on HELP for easy instructions on how to get and install this free software.)
 XFILES   The eXperiment Files
Did you ever wonder how an experiment is done at the ALS? Join Oakland high school student Dana Nelson as she follows an experiment from start to finish in "From Mosquito to Microscope: Research on Malaria at the ALS."
 Bright & Busy   The Bright and the Busy
Meet some of the people who work at the Advanced Light Source. Through these interactive biographies, you can ask them your own questions about their work or be the first to solve this month's puzzler and win a free ALS T-shirt.
    Students' Corner
Meet Noah Bray-Ali, a student who spent his summer vacation working with scientists at the ALS. Find out how he got here and what kind of research he did over the summer in "Noah's Story."
 Material World   Exploring the Material World: Three Classroom Teaching Modules
What is it about a material that makes it hard, brittle, or a good electrical conductor? Use these teaching modules to understand how powerful new tools like the Advanced Light Source help scientists probe the inner structure of materials.
 For Teachers   Information for Teachers
Get ideas about how you might use MicroWorlds in your class and check out our list of resources which include hands-on activities and related curriculum materials created by teachers and ALS staff.


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