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The Laboratory has announced the following holiday schedule:

Berkeley Lab's Holiday Calendar 2021
New Year's Day1/1/2021
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day1/18/2021
Presidents' Day2/15/2021
Cesar Chavez Day3/26/2021 Optional Floating Holiday**
Memorial Day5/31/2021
Independence Day7/5/2021
Labor Day9/6/2021
Veterans Day11/11/2021 Optional Floating Holiday**
Thanksgiving Day11/25/2021
Day after Thanksgiving11/26/2021
Winter Holiday12/24/2021 - 12/27/2021
Administrative day12/28/2021 Optional Floating Holiday/vacation day/unpaid**
Administrative day12/29/2021 Vacation day or unpaid leave
Administrative day12/30/2021 Vacation day or unpaid leave
New Year's Eve12/31/2021
New Year's Day1/3/2022
** Eligible employees have the option to take one of these days as a holiday. Those employees taking Cesar Chavez or Veterans Day as a Floating holiday must use a third vacation day during the Administrative days after Christmas. See the Implementation Guidance for information on eligibility and time entry procedures.

The Laboratory has announced the following holiday schedule for 2020:


The Laboratory holiday policy is contained in the Requirements and Policy Manual (RPM), Holidays.