Isolation of T4 cells from xenograft tumors


  1. Put mouse down
  2. Wash skin by dipping mice into ETOH
  3. Remove tumor and put into 5ml PBS containing Fungizone and Penstrep
  4. Swirl around to rinse tumor and pour on to a sterile plate
  5. Remove tumor from PBS place on sterile plate or lid
  6. Remove any skin-rinse a second time if needed
  7. Chop into fine pieces with scalpel blades
  8. Transfer using blade into 2ml H14 media containing Fungizone and Penstrep
  9. Spin down 800rpm
  10. Remove media leaving ~300ul
  11. Add 2ml .25% trypsin and place on rocker for 5min
  12. Spin 800rpm for 5min
  13. Resuspend in DMEM/F12 with10% FCS
  14. Spin 800rpm for 5min
  15. Resuspend in H14 media containing Fungizone and Penstrep
  16. Plate onto vitrogen coated flask of plate

(volume of media and size of flask depend on tumor size I used a 25cm2 flask)

  1. change media the next day and keep close eye out for contamination