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CS Safety and Health Information and Resources

The Computing Sciences Directorate conducts all of its operations in a manner that protects the health and safety of its employees and guests, that does not endanger the environment, and is consistent with all applicable LBNL, university, and government agency policies and regulations. The following information and resources is intended to help employees do their work safely.

CRT Sweeper Increases Footprint for Improved Bicycle Safety

Dan Martin of CRD has been recognized with a Safety SPOT Award for pointing out sand and gravel accumulation on the side of Cyclotron Road, at the bottom of the hill below Blackberry Gate. This was causing cyclists to pull into the center of the lane in order to stop, increasing the likelihood of a vehicle collision.

Martin thought the sand and gravel might be from the CRT construction project, and he suggested that the construction sweeper continue outside the gate and cover the area at the intersection of Hearst Road and Highland Place. There have been several bicycle accidents at the stop sign near B65, and gravel on the roadway may have been a factor. Keeping the road clear helps reduce the risk for cyclists. Learn more

Computing Sciences Safety Coordinator, Betsy MacGowan:

As the Safety Coordinator for Computing Sciences, Betsy MacGowan focuses on raising employee awareness of ergonomic and personal safety issues in the workplace. MacGowan is a certified industrial hygienist as well as a certified safety professional. She can be contacted at [email protected].




CS safety coordinator and committee chair: Betsy MacGowan (x2826)

CS safety advisory representative: Patricia Giuntoli (x5560)

CS / EH&S liaison: Laurel Davis (x2324)

CS Safety Committee

Building Emergency Teams

CS Procedure 1 – Halon Manual Mode Procedure Room 1275
CS Procedure 2 – Halon Manual Mode Procedure Room 1156
CS Procedure 3 – Computer Room Smoke or Fire Response Room 1275
CS Procedure 4 – Computer Room Smoke or Fire Response Room 1156
CS Procedure 5 – Computer Room Smoke or Fire Response Halon Manual Mode Room 1275
CS Procedure 6 – Computer Room Smoke or Fire Response Halon Manual Mode Room 1156
CS Procedure 7 – Smoke or Fire In Computer Room 2275
CS Procedure 8 – ISO-Base Installation Procedure
CS Procedure 9– Smoke or Fire in Computer Room 2265

Safety Walk Arounds

Policies and Resources


Job Hazards Analysis (JHA) and Training

CS Integrated Safety Management Plan

CS Self-Assessment

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