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Energy Efficient Computing:
Reports, Publications, and Presentations


John Shalf, Energy-Efficient HPC Is Heating Up, Scientific Computing, August 5, 2010.

Jonathan Koomey, Electrical Efficiency Trends of Computation over Time (video), March 19, 2010.


David Donofrio, Leonid Oliker, John Shalf, Michael F. Wehner, Chris Rowen, Jens Krueger, Shoaib Kamil, and Marghoob Mohiyuddin, Energy-Efficient Computing for Extreme-Scale Science, IEEE Computer, November 2009.

Michael Wehner, Lenny Oliker, John Shalf, Low-Power Supercomputers, IEEE Spectrum, October 2009.

John Shalf, Michael Wehner, Leonid Oliker, and John Hules, Green Flash Project: The Challenge of Energy-Efficient HPC, SciDAC Review, Fall 2009.

Katherine Yelick in conversation with Jon Fowler, “Supercomputers for a Greener World,” in “Hot Technology, Cool Science” (video), Science at the Theater, Berkeley Repertory Theatre, May 11, 2009.

Horst D. Simon, "Energy Efficient Computing: From Bits to Buildings," Salishan Conference on High-Speed Computing, April 29, 2009


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Division publications

Michael Wehner, Leonid Oliker, and John Shalf, Towards Ultra-High Resolution Models of Climate and Weather, International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications 22, 149–165 (2008).

Horst Simon, Is HPC Going Green? Scientific Computing, May/June 2008, 31–33.

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