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Energy Efficient Computing:
Meetings, Workshops, and Symposia

Berkeley Lab scientists have organized and participated in a number of meetings, workshops, and symposia to engage the computational science community in discussions of computer architecture, power efficiency, and programming models.

Upcoming Meetings

November 30– December 2, 2009
Accelerator-based Computing and Manycore, SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory

November 14–20, 2008
SC09, Portland, Oregon

Past Meetings

June 11–12, 2009
Symposium on Energy Efficient Electronic Systems (E3S), UC Berkeley

November 15–21, 2008
SC08, Austin, Texas

June 20, 2008
ISC'08, Dresden, Germany, Panel Discussion: Is HPC Going Green?
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March 13, 2008
SIAM PP08: Dataflow 2.0: The Re-emergence and Evolution of Dataflow Programming Techniques for Parallel Computing

February 29, 2008
Computing of the Future 2008

November 14, 2007
Supercomputing 2007: Power, Cooling and Energy Consumption for Petascale and Beyond

February 19, 2007
SIAM CSE07: Beyond Petaflops: Specialized Architecture for Power Efficient Scientific Computing

February 24, 2006
SIAM PP06: How Can Computer Architecture Revolutionize Scientific Computing?