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Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is an internationally recognized leader in power-efficient computing. Scientists and engineers in Berkeley Lab's Computational Research, National Energy Research Scientific Computing, Information Technology, and Environmental Energy Technologies divisions are working together to solve a significant problem faced by computing centers worldwide: how to engineer, build and operate power-efficient computers and data centers. Their research examines a wide range of issues, from creating new computer architectures using low-power processors to innovative building designs.



PC World  09.10.09
Novel Way to Cool Data Centers Passes First Test

Government Computer News 04.03.09
Air Flow Control Can Yield More Efficient Data Centers

GreenerComputing  02.17.09
IT Industry Groups Seek LEED for Datacenters

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A Computer for the Clouds

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The Greening of HPC

Scientific Computing
May/June 2008
Is HPC Going Green?

Nature Reports Climate Change
Radical Redesign

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A Real Solution?

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A Smarter Supercomputer: TEXT / VIDEO

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Researcher Discusses Low-Power Supercomputer

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Scientists Propose Climate Supercomputer with 20 Million CPUs

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Aiming for Exaflops

NERSC News  03.31.08
Four Berkeley Lab Projects Explore Energy Efficiency Computing, Including Computer Architectures, Software and Storage

The Economist  03.04.08
The Data Centres that Power the Internet Demand a Lot of Power. Time, Then, to Make Them More Efficient

The Register  02.02.08
Geeks Fight the Smelter with Embedded Processor-Based Box

KGO TV  11.27.07
The Next Step In Computer Powering

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Green Computing     Exploring energy-efficient computing, from system designs to applications.


The Greening of HPC     Will power consumption become the limiting factor for future growth in high performance computing (HPC)? View the webcast of a lecture by Berkeley Lab's Associate Laboratory Director for Computing Sciences, Horst Simon.

Green Flash      In collaboration with the chip engineering firm Tensilica, Inc., Berkeley Lab's Green Flash project is exploring more power-efficient alternatives to conventional supercomputers that are built with general-purpose processors. Supercomputers built with embedded chips — used to run cell phones and other portable gadgets — could be the low-power and less expensive alternatives for certain types of research such as climate modeling.

Data Centers     Bill Tschudi, Dale Sartor and Rich Brown from Berkeley Lab's Environmental Energy Technologies Division (EETD) lead projects  that study ways to assess energy efficiency  in data centers and develop strategies and technologies to reduce their power consumption. Learn more about their work:

NERSC    Read the report by Shoaib Kamil and John Shalf on gauging the power efficiency of the new flagship supercomputer at the National Energy Research Scientific Computing (NERSC) center.

TOP500     Researchers are raising awareness about the need to collect power consumption data and promote energy efficient designs for supercomputers. This initiative is underway at TOP500, the semi-annual ranking of the world's fastest supercomputers.

Digital Networks   Berkeley Lab is working with the electronics industry and standard-setting organizations to reduce energy use of electronic equipment through networking. Topics range from physical interfaces (e.g. Ethernet) to protocols for information technology and consumer electronics devices. The collaboration would lead to energy savings in homes, offices and data centers.  Berkeley Lab also performs technical research for the EPA Energy Star program. Researchers who are leading the work include Rich Brown, Bruce Nordman from EETD and Mike Bennett from IT.


John Shalf 510 486-4508 [email protected]
Erich Strohmaier 510 495-2517 [email protected]
Lenny Oliker 510 486-6625 [email protected]
Bill Tschudi 510 495-2417  [email protected]
Horst Simon 510 486-7377 [email protected]
Rich Brown 510 486-5896 [email protected]
Bruce Nordman 519 486-7089 [email protected]
Mike Bennett 510 486-7913 [email protected]


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