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SC08 Workshop — Sunday, Nov. 16, 2008, Room 16A/16B
Power Efficiency and the Path to Exascale Computing


Over the past forty years, progress in supercomputing has tracked progress in integrated circuit scaling, and this has resulted in exponential improvements in system-level performance. However, changes in device physics now seriously threaten further sustained progress toward exaflops HPC systems. This workshop will begin with a summary of a recent DARPA study highlighting issues associated with exaflops computing architecture. This will be followed by a series of invited talks covering a wide range of approaches to mitigating the exaflops computing roadblocks, including novel computer architectures, energy-aware algorithm design, energy efficiency metrics, and energy efficient facility design.

Tentative Agenda and Schedule

8:30–9:00 am Overview of Exascale Architecture Challenges
  • Presentation
Thomas Sterling Center for Computation and Technology,
Louisiana State University
9:00–9:30 am HPC Performance Limits and CMOS Maturity
  • Abstract   • Presentation
Erik DeBenedictis Sandia National Laboratories
9:30–10:00 am Challenges in Energy Efficient Memory Architecture
  • Abstract   • Presentation
Dean Klein VP of Memory System Development,
Micron Technology
10:00–10:30 am Break: Discussions continued, refreshments served
10:30–11:00 am Energy Efficiency Challenges for Exascale Computing
  • Abstract   • Presentation
Alan Gara BlueGene Chief Architect,
IBM Watson Research Center
11:00–11:30 am Building Effective, Power-Efficient Systems over the Next Decade
  • Abstract   • Presentation
Steve Scott Chief Technology Officer,
Cray Inc.
11:30 am– 12:00 noon Roundtable Discussion on Hardware Architectural Issues for Exascale Computing
12:00 noon– 1:30 pm Lunch
1:30–2:00 pm Programming Model Challenges for Managing Massive Concurrency
  • Presentation
Katherine Yelick NERSC Division Director,
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
2:00–2:30 pm Energy Aware Algorithms at the Exascale
 • Presentation
Padma Raghavan Director of Institute for CyberScience,
Pennsylvania State University
2:30–3:00 pm Towards a New Software Stack for Extreme Scale Computing
 • Presentation
Vivek Sarkar Computer Science Department, Rice University, and Leader of DARPA Exascale Software Study
3:00–3:30 pm Break: Discussions continued, refreshments served
3:30–4:00 pm Designing Data Centers for Future Cloud Applications
  • Presentation
Dan Reed Director of Datacenter Design and Multicore Strategy,
Microsoft Inc.
4:00–4:30 pm Towards Real-World HPC Energy Efficiency and Productivity Metrics in a Fully Instrumented Datacenter
  • Abstract   • Presentation
Andres Marquez Energy Smart Data Center (ESDC), PNNL
4:30–5:00 pm Roundtable Discussion of Afternoon Talks on Exascale Software, Infrastructure and Facilities
5:00 pm Workshop Adjourns


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