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Berkeley Lab Researchers Win Best Poster Awards at SC07 and IEEE VAST 2007

November 16, 2007

Three researchers from Berkeley Lab’s Computational Research Division (CRD) won the Best Poster award at the SC07 supercomputing conference held Nov. 10–16 in Reno, and CRD/NERSC and Physics Division researchers won the Best Poster award at IEEE VAST 2007 (IEEE Symposium on Visual Analytics Science and Technology, Sacramento, CA, Oct. 30–Nov. 1).


Zhengji Zhao, Juan Meza and Lin-Wang Wang were recognized at SC07 for their poster describing “A New O(N) Method for Petascale Nanoscience Simulations,” which describes a new linear scaling three-dimensional fragment (LS3DF) method for ab initio electronic structure calculations. The poster was one of 39 accepted for the conference from more than 150 submissions.

An abstract of the poster can be read at, and the poster itself can be seen at

Meza is head of the High Performance Computing Research Department in CRD. Zhao and Wang are members of the Scientific Computing Group within that department.


At IEEE VAST 2007, Cecilia Aragon, Stephen Bailey, Sarah Poon, Karl Runge, and Rollin Thomas were recognized for their poster “Sunfall: A Collaborative Visual Analytics System for Astrophysics,” describing the first visual analytics system in production use at a major astrophysics project (the Nearby Supernova Factory).

A two-page abstract of the poster can be read at, and the poster itself can be seen at

Aragon is a member of CRD’s Visualization Group and the NERSC Analytics Team; Bailey, Poon, Runge, and Thomas were all with the Physics Division when the research was performed. (Bailey and Poon have since left the Lab.)