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Online Learning


SkillSoft features hundreds of online books, courses, simulations and performance support tools on a variety of business and management topics. You can access Skillsoft at work, at home or on the road from a PC, using Firefox or Mac, using Safari or Firefox. If working offsite and using the LDAP sign in, please use VPN to connect. To subscribe for an annual membership for the fiscal year, please contact David Nguyen, [email protected]. There is no cost to your division or you. This is a free service provided by BLI. Please note that all memberships expire at the beginning of the new fiscal year but you can request membership again in the following year.

Following are examples of SkillSoft topics for all levels of employees:

To find a course, copy and paste the course title into the search bar in Skillsoft.

  • Project Management Institute (PMI) PMP Certification Preparation
    • This curriculum offers courses and books in preparation for the Project Management Institute (PMI) Project Management Professional (PMP) certification.
      • The project management curriculum in particular is aligned with content required for national certification in that discipline. SkillSoft is a Project Management Institute (PMI) Charter-Global Registered Education Provider and offers the Project Management Body Of Knowledge (PMBOK) project management courses.
  • Project Management for Non-Project Managers
    • This curriculum offers introductory information about project management, including overviews of project scope, getting buy-in without direct authority, managing conflict in project teams, weighing project costs and other project management essentials. Most of the curriculum consists of short videos to provide a quick overview of basic project management concepts.
  • Business Writing Basics
    • This curriculum offers courses on writing with intention, avoiding errors in usage and punctuation, avoiding grammatical errors in business writing, crisp composition, editing and proofreading, writing to reach the audience, and the writing process.
  • Time Management
    • This curriculum offers courses on analyzing your use of time, setting goals and prioritizing your use of time, major time management challenges, techniques for improved time management, developing excellent time management habits, prioritizing, and planning to avoid procrastination..

Recommended Supervisor Courses

To find a course, copy and paste the course title into the search bar in Skillsoft.

Skillsoft has a variety of courses, videos and books that are helpful to supervisors. To view the list of courses, download the Excel file below. The courses, videos and books are divided into recommended competencies that are relevant to supervisors. Click on the box in the left bar of the excel file window to expand and collapse competency lists. You can choose individual courses or complete all of the courses in any competency. These online offerings can be recommended learning for supervisors in an employee development plan.

Recommended Supervisor Courses List