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Supervisor Scenario Workshop - HR Issues

To see upcoming course date(s) and to register, go to Employee Self-Service, click on Training Enrollment, then check Mgmt/Supervisor Skill Develop.


This workshop is designed to help supervisors:

Participants: This course is required for all new scientist and operations supervisors within the first six months after hire or promotion into a supervisor role. The course is a good refresher and practice for experienced supervisors as well.

Course summary

Using a problem solving format, you will work in small groups to identify critical issues, Laboratory subject matter experts who can help, and viable actions related to three different scenarios:

Participants will share their considerations and solutions and hear what Laboratory subject matter experts have to say about each scenario.

More details

The facilitator will be from your local HR group.

Comments from past participants

"I liked it a lot!  I was really impressed.  I just had an issue happen that I was able to relate to one of the scenarios we had worked through, and it gave me a reference point to understand the real situation better."   Scientist

"It was a good workshop for multiple reasons:  1) the scenarios were realistic, 2) there was enough time to go in-depth without it being too long, and  3) the participants had a lot to offer the discussion.  I thought the diversity of participants was particularly good, and the mix of scientists and operations gave us a rare chance to get together, learn from/about each other, and get perspectives on common issues from multiple disciplines.  I recommended it to my boss for the Division and said it would be helpful for others here."    Mechanical Engineer

"It was quite informative.  It was a good reminder that you can't listen enough.  The mix of scientists and operations in the same room is definitely an advantage.  Looking forward to other opportunities like this."