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Postdoctoral Scholars

Forms and Materials

Workshops and Other Resources

Forms and Materials

Form - Annual Performance Review Summary Form for Postdoctoral Scholars

Postdoctoral Scholars receive an annual written performance progress review. The official form is found here. Both Postdoctoral Scholar and Supervisor complete the form and discuss the Postdoctoral Scholar’s progress, and research and development goals for next performance year.

In addition, new Postdoctoral Scholars may request that research and development goals be written.  Section 1. of the form may be used to capture those goals if new appointment starts off-cycle to the annual performance review.

Roadmap-Individual Development Plan

The Individual Development Plan for Postdoctoral Scholars is an optional, career planning form that you can complete at any time throughout your appointment and is found in the Workbook for C.A.R.E.E.R. Development Planning and Individual Development Plan.  The plan offers a roadmap to help you organize, present, and discuss career planning ideas and needs with your Supervisor, a mentor, and/or colleague.
For support in completing the plan:

Workshops and Other Resources

Workshop – Introduction to C.A.R.E.E.R. Development Planning for Postdoctoral Scholars


Gain the tools and discover the resources to:

Participants: This workshop is designed for postdoctoral scholars.

Course Summary

This workshop will introduce you to a basic model for career planning, which includes the six elements shown below.  During this session, you will explore a framework for considering your career options and specific actions you need to take to get there -- and learn about available resources to support your efforts.

C - Clarificationof your skills, career values, career interests, and personality traits as they relate to desired future career paths is the first step.
A - Action goals help transform clarification information into concrete steps forward.
R - Relationship Building for networking and mentoring connections:  Cultivating a network that will help you link to job enhancement or new opportunities and provide support.
E - Experience helps you achieve your best at Berkeley Lab and develop skills.  Continuously seek developmental experiences to make the most of your talent and demonstrate your skills.
E - Education and Training helps develop the knowledge and qualifications necessary to be successful in current and future roles. 
R - A Roadmap will help you reach your career goals. Continually re-examine your progress, goals, and the ongoing fit between your plans and current life situation.


The workshop uses the Workbook for C.A.R.E.E.R. Development Planning and Individual Development Plan.

The workbook includes the Individual Development Plan for Postdoctoral Scholars and may be used independently of workshop attendance.

The workbook is designed to help you:

Workshop Instructor

The course is taught by Elayne Chou, Ph.D., a Counseling Psychologist specializing in career counseling, coaching, and consulting with culturally diverse individuals and organizations. She has taught this course previously at Berkeley Lab for several years to over 200 Postdoctoral Scholars and provided one-on-one career coaching as an option to many of them.  She provides career counseling and career development workshops for UC Berkeley’s staff and has taught as an adjunct professor at San Francisco State University and Diablo Valley College and as a visiting scholar at Renmin University in Beijing, China. She has worked in counseling centers at UC Irvine and Ohio State University.

1-on-1 Career Coaching

After you attend the workshop, you are eligible to schedule a 45- minute coaching session with the instructor, Dr. Chou.   The workshop is a prerequisite for the coaching session.

Workshop Registration

To see upcoming course date(s) and to register:

  1. Go to Employee Self-Service
  2. Click on Training Enrollment
  3. Check Employee Skills Development and change the end date at the bottom to the date of your desired workshop, then click Continue.
  4. Check BLI0118 Career Planning –Postdocs and click Continue
  5. Click Enroll next to the course

Online Courses and Books

SkillSoft features hundreds of online books, courses, simulations and performance support tools on a variety of business and management topics, including project management and time management. You can access Skillsoft at work, at home or on the road from a PC, using Firefox or Mac, using Safari or Firefox. If working offsite and using the LDAP sign in, please use VPN to connect. To secure a license, contact Joelle Bradley, [email protected]

External Vendor Courses

English for Non-Native English Speakers – If you would like to improve your English, below are some options for consideration depending on your needs.

Other Resources

National Postdoc Association Website

UC San Francisco Office of Career & Professional Development Website for Postdoctoral Scholars

Science Careers – My Individual Development Plan

Professional Career Counseling Services

Elayne L. Chou, Ph.D.
1708 Shattuck Avenue, Suite 2
Berkeley, CA  94709
(510) 350-8300
[email protected]

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