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Supervisor Resources

This page provides pointers to a collection of guidance, tools and resources helpful to supervisors and managers at any level. This collection is designed to assist you in effectively managing your department or program, work group or team.

There are three types of resources:

Supervisor Toolkit

The Supervisor Toolkit provides suggested guidelines and best practices to enhance the effectiveness of new and experienced supervisors at Berkeley Lab. Content is available just as your need it, and the toolkit is easy to return to as new situations arise. The Supervisor Toolkit is not a procedural or process guide but instead helps you gain proficiency in a variety of supervisory circumstances and for key supervisory responsibilities. Content is grouped into the following categories:

You can read the content from start to finish, or review individual pages on a just-in-time basis.
If your division has unique supervisory issues and would like to create and link division-specific content into the Supervisor Toolkit or if you have a suggestion for a new topic, talk with your local HR Division Partner.


BLI offers three free assessment tools for managers, supervisors and team leads. Each provides an assessment summary report that can be followed by discussion and/or development activities tailored the needs of you or your team.

  • Compare your supervisory skills to 30 best practices for leading successful research and operations teams through the Supervisor and Team Lead Self Assessment. Then review your assessment results, create development goals and identify activities to achieve those goals.
  • Assess team strengths and areas for improvement in comparison to 21 best practices of highly creative and productive teams using the Team Self Assessment. After all team members complete a self assessment, discuss the assessment results; create team development goals to increase effectiveness in planning, coordinating and communicating; and identify activities to achieve those goals.
  • Increase your self awareness and leadership skills by participating in a 360° review process. Up to 100 supervisors and managers are chosen by division leadership to participate each year.

Complete descriptions of each assessment and links to the assessment tools can be found here. Your HR Division Partner or a BLI representative can help you select the best tool and design a process to address the needs of you and/or your team.

Development Resources

BLI provides a variety of development resources for managers, supervisors and team leads, ranging from new supervisor online training to tuition assistance.