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Stepping Up: Practical Career and Leadership Advice for Scientists

Instructor Contact Information

Dr. Peter S. Fiske
6242 Ascot Dr.
Oakland, CA 94611
(415) 309-0336
[email protected]


In this 90-minute session, you will learn:


This course is designed for postdocs and GSRAs.

Course Summary

Your years in graduate school have prepared to you to excel in a research environment. But there’s more to career success than just doing good science. As an early career scientist, you need to use certain key skills and strategies to maximize opportunities and move your career ahead  – but none of them are taught in grad school.  In this entertaining and insightful lecture, Dr. Peter S. Fiske will discuss practical steps you can take to broaden your career opportunities and improve your skills as a leader. 

More Details

Dr. Fiske is the author of Put Your Science to WORK: A Take-Charge Career Guide for Scientists and a regular career columnist for Science and Nature. He regularly presents workshops for early career scientists at UC Berkeley, Harvard, MIT, Stanford, and other universities. Dr. Fiske is also a serial entrepreneur and CEO of PAX Water Technologies, Inc. in Richmond, CA.