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Job Hunting in Industry Part II: Resume Reviews

Instructor Contact Information

Bill Lindstaedt, MS
Director, Office of Career and Professional Development
UC San Francisco
513 Parnassus Avenue, S-140
San Francisco, CA  94143
(415) 502-2422
[email protected]


In this session, you will:

Participants: This course is designed for postdocs and GSRAs.

Course summary
In this 90-minute session, you will receive individual feedback on your research-oriented industry resume. Participants will pair up, exchange and review resumes, and receive feedback on their own resumes.  The session leader will be available to answer individual questions about tailoring a resume for industry.

This session is presented by Bill Lindstaedt, Director of the Office of Career and Professional Development at UC San Francisco, where he assists graduate-level trainees and postdoctoral research scientists with career and professional development issues. Bill has developed particular expertise working with UCSF’s scientists as they transition from academic to non-academic careers.

Bill began his own career as a chemical engineer, later moving into the career counseling field after completing a Master's degree in the Counseling Psychology and Higher Education Departments at Indiana University.  He has written career-related pieces for the Boston Globe, the Indianapolis Star and Science’s careers site. His insights have been featured in job market articles in the New York Times, Science Magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle, USA Today and Newsweek.