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Partnership Opportunity: Cardiac Stent Manufacturing Using Multiple Focused Ion Beam Technology

Precision manufacturing of cardiac stents used to shore up diseased blood vessels leading to the heart


Berkeley Lab is seeking a qualified partner(s) to work with us in a collaborative effort to further develop, test, and commercialize improved micro and nano machining technologies to manufacture medical cardiac stents used to shore up weak blood vessels leading to the heart. Stents of various design motifs have become increasingly popular as an adjunct to artery-aclearing angioplasty procedures. Today, cardiac stents represent a market measured in the billions with phenomenal growth potential. We believe Berkeley Lab’s multiple focused ion beam technology offers the potential to significantly lower stent production costs, improve quality, and provide a safer operation than the current laser system approach. The Lab has a strong Intellectual Property (IP) position in ion beams and substantial experience developing his technology. Specifically, some of the expected benefits include:

While ion beams are currently used for various milling operations, we believe Berkeley Lab has the unique expertise and the IP position to develop a multiple focused ion beam approach. The broad scope of the suggested collaboration would lead to a specially developed prototype multiple focused ion beam milling machine suitable for the manufacture of cardiac stents of various motifs, diameters and metallurgies.

Schedule, Cost, and Contract:

Depending on Partner’s objectives and prototype design requirements, we visualize an approximate 12 to 18 month development program. Costs to be determined based upon mutually agreed scope. Intellectual property benefits are applicable.

Partnering Mission:

Berkeley Lab is a U.S. Department of Energy National Laboratory managed by the University of California. Our mission includes partnering with industry to commercialize our inventions.

Reference Number: IB-1217

Status: US Patent # 5,945,677

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