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Optical Metrology for X-ray Mirrors

E.O. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


  • X-ray optics
  • Slope measuring instrumentation


  • Measures mirror slopes with very high degree of accuracy
  • Software adaptable to other laser slope measuring instruments


Developed for use at Berkeley National Laboratory's Advanced Light Source, the Long Trace Profiler (LTP) assures mirror quality by measuring the surface profile of long, high radius-of-curvature X-ray mirrors. Berkeley National Laboratory's new three beam processing technique now makes it possible to measure mirrors with unprecedented accuracy by characterizing artifacts of the LTP that add small errors to mirror measurement. In this technique, the LTP's probe beam is split three ways, and small changes in the LTP probe head and even changes in the probe beam are monitored and used to correct the mirror surface measurement. Berkeley National Laboratory scientists have written an R&D 100 award-winning algorithm for making this correction, and have incorporated it into the software package that controls the LTP. This software can be applied in compensating for laser pointing instability in slope measuring instruments, including surface profilers and coordinate measuring instruments, using optical methods.

STATUS: Available for licensing


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