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Tech Transfer

Honors and Awards

R & D Magazine's R&D 100 Awards are presented to the 100 most technologically significant new technologies each year. 

Below is a list of Berkeley Lab award winners over the past 27 years. Go here for an overview of Berkeley Lab's approach to preparing R&D 100 Awards nominations.

Technology Title

R&D 100

Principal Investigators

BioSig3D 2014 Bahram Parvin, Gerald Fontenay, Cemal Bilgin, Hang Chang, Ju Han
Tissue Specific Cell Wall Engineering for Biofuels and Biomaterials 2014 Henrik Scheller, Dominique Loqué
Berkeley Lab Multiplex Chemotyping Microarray 2014 Hoi-Ying Holman, Liang Chen, Giovanni Birarda, Sun Choi
High Throughput NIMS Screening


Trent Northen (co-entry with Nextval Systems)
Bacteriophage Power Generator 2013 Seung-Wuk Lee
Conducting Polymer Binder for High Capacity Lithium Ion Batteries 2013 Gao Liu
OSCARS: On-demand Secure Circuits and Reservation System 2013 Chin Guok
Universal Smart Window Coating 2013 Delia Milliron, Guillermo Garcia, Raffaella Buonsanti, Anna Llordés
Campanile Probe 2013 Alex Weber-Bargioni, P. James Schuck, Stefano Cabrini
OWL-MRI: Optically Detected Oil Well Logging by MRI 2013 Alex Pines, Vikram Bajaj, Scott Seltzer, Paul Ganssle
VOTO: Heat Activated Fuel Cell 2013 Steve Visco, Mike Tucker, Lutgard DeJonghe (co-entry with Point Source Power)
Multinozzle Emitter Array 2012

Daojing Wang, Pan Mao, Peidong Yang

Compact Variable Collimator

2012 Simon Morton, Jeff Dickert (co-entry with Genomics Institute of Novartis Research Foundation and Takeda Pharmaceutical)
Laser Ablation Molecular Isotopic Spectrometry (LAMIS) 2012 Rick Russo, Xianglei Mao (co-entry with Applied Spectra)
High Output Neutron Generator 2012

Qing Ji, Bernhard Ludewigt (co-entry with Adelphi Technology)

MRMI: Magnetic Resonance Microarray Imaging 2011 Alex Pines, Vikram Bajaj, David Wemmer, Matthew Francis
Nanostructured Antifogging Coatings 2011 Samuel Mao, Vasileia Zormpa, Xiaobo Chen
Home Energy Saver 2010 Evan Mills, Rich Brown (co-entry with Microsoft)
Rough Silicon Nanowires for Waste Heat Utilization 2010 Peidong Yang, Allon Hochbaum, Renkun Chen, Raul Diaz Delgado, Arun Majumdar
Chemicals on Demand 2010 Alex Zettl, Jean Frechet, David Okawa, Stefan Pastine
APPELS: Differentially Pumped Ambient Pressure PhotoElectron Lens System for Photoemission Studies 2010 Frank Ogletree, Hendrick Bluhm, Zahid Hussain, Miquel Salmeron (co-entry with Franz Haber Institute of the Mas Planck Society and SPECS GmbH)
EMGeo: ElectroMagnetic Geological Mapper

2009 Greg Newman, Michael Commer
Nanocrystal Solar Cells 2009 Paul Alivisatos, Delia Milliron, Ilan Gur, Liberato Manna, Erik Scher, Haitao Liu, Steven Hughes, Neil Fromer, Richard Robinson, Bryce Sadtler (co-entry with Solexant)
NEXUS DLC-X Coating System with Pulsed Filtered Cathodic Arc Technology 2009 Andre Anders (co-entry with Veeco Instruments Inc.)

TEAM Electron Microscope Stage
2009 Thomas Duden, Nord Andresen, Rich Weidenbach, Andreas Schmid
Nanostructured Polymer Electrolyte For Recharge Lithium Batteries 2008 Nitash Balsara
Biomimetic Search Engine 2008 Kasian Franks, Connie Myers, Raf Podowski
Berkeley Lab PhyloChip 2008 Gary Andersen, Todd DeSantis, Eoin Brodie,Yvette Piceno
FastBit Bitmap Index 2008 Kesheng "John" Wu, Arie Shoshani, Ekow Otoo, Kurt Stockinger
Laser Detected MRI 2007 Alex Pines, Dmitry Budker, Shoujun Xu, Valeriy Yashchuk, Marcus Donaldson, Simon Rochester
Low Swirl Injector for Fuel Flexible Near Zero Emissions Gas Turbines 2007 Robert Cheng, David Littlejohn
Berkeley Unexploded Ordnance Discriminator 2007 Frank Morrison, Erika Gasperikova, Alessandro Ratti, Alex Becker, Jean-Francois Beche, Larry Doolittle, Jim Greer, Robin Lafever, J. Torquil Smith, Harold Yaver
High-Output Coaxial-Target Neutron Generator 2006 Ka-Ngo Leung, Jani Reijonen, Frederic Gicquel, Stephen Wilde
Laser Ultrasonic Sensor 2006 Rick Russo, Paul Ridgway
High Efficiency Multiband Semiconductor Material for Solar Cells (Editor's Choice) 2006 Wladyslaw Walukiewicz, Kin Man Yu
The Carbon Explorer 2006 James Bishop
Berkeley Lab Optical Sound Restoration System (Editor's Choice ) 2005 Carl Haber, Vitaliy Fadeyev
Neural Matrix CCD 2005 E.A. Blakely, I.G. Brown, K.A. Bjornstad, J.E. Galvin, O.R. Monteiro, and C.J. Rosen; and Cellular Bioengineering Inc. (H. Wuh, K.s. Chinn, K.T.C. Jim, and G.M. Lui)
Ion Mobility Analysis for Rapid Identification of Cardiovascular Disease Indicators 2005 W. Henry Benner, Ronald Krauss, Patricia Blanche
Synthetic Rotational Nanomotor 2004 Alex Zettl
Transition Metal Switchable Mirrors 2004 Thomas Richardson, Jonathan Slack
Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography Tool for Chip Manufacturing 2003 David Attwoood and other 205 researchers from Berkeley Lab, Livermore Lab, and Sandia Laboratory
EnergyPlus Software for Energy Efficient Design of Buildings 2003 Fred Winkelmann, Fred Buhl, Ender Erdem, Joe Huang, Kathy Ellington
Crystal Robot for Nanovolume Crystallization of Proteins for Drug Discovery 2002 Joseph Jaklevic, Derek Yegian, Jian Jin, William F. Kolbe, Earl W. Cornell, Robert A. Nordmayer
Remote Acess Grid Explorer (RAGE) for Web Conferencing 2002 Deborah Agarwal, Clayton Bagwell, Joshua Boverhof, Eve Edelson, Dan Gunter, Keith Jackson, Marcia Perry, Zach Radding, John Shalf, Martin Stoufer
Gas-Filled Panels for Energy Efficient Insulation 2001 Dariush Arasteh, Steve Selkowitz, Howdey Goudy, Daniel Turler, Brent Griffith
Fine XAD Sorbent Coating for Air Quality Monitoring 2000 Lara Gundel
Combinatorial Synthesis of Novel Materials 2000 Xiao-dong Xiang,Peter Schultz
Constricted-Plasma Source (CPS) 1997 Mike Dickinson, Andre Anders, Mike Rubin
White Board, Session Directory, Video Conferencing, and Video Audio Tool Software 1995 Van Jacobson
Solar 1000 Microwave Sulfur Lamp 1995 Sam Berman
Carbohydrate Protein Conjugates (CPCs) 1993 Marc Bednardski
Long Trace Profiler II (LTP II) 1993 Steve Irick
DC Broad-Beam High-Current Metal Ion Source 1992 Ian Brown,Michael Dickinson, James Galvin, Robert MacGill
Raster Scanner Beam Delivery System 1992 Tim Renner, Bill Chu, Bernhard Ludewigt
Alkaline-Fluoride-Carbonate Electrolyte for Zinc,Nickel Oxide Batteries 1992 Elton Cairns, Frank McLarnon
High-Resolution Scanning Photoelectron Microscope 1991  
Soft X-Ray Small-Angle Scattering Apparatus 1990 James Underwood, Rupert Perera, Dana Berkeland
High-Fluence Laboratory XUV Source 1990  
High-Resolution Mirror Assembly 1989 Steve Irick
Double-Rotation NMR 1989 Alex Pines
High-Resolution Erect-Field Spectrometer,Monochromator
1988 James Underwood, Al Thompson, Phillip Batson
Compact Microwave Ion Source
Wobbler Beam Delivery System 1987 Bill Chu
Dual-Phase Low Carbon Steels 'FERMAR' 1987 Bill Morris
Zero-Field NMR
1987 Alex Pines
Electron Beam Ion Trap (EBIT) 1987 Mike Vella
Long-Pulse Plasma Density Probe 1986 Kenneth Ehlers
X-Ray Gamma Ray Detector 1985  
Fusion Common Long Pulse Source (Neutral Beam Source)
1985 Wulf Kunkel, Klaus Berkner
High-Current Ion Source (MEVVA) 1985 Ian Brown
6-Channel Silicon X-Ray Detector for Plasma Diagnostics 1984  
Automated Seismic Processor 1984 Tom McEvilly, Ernest Majer
Total R&D 100 Awards: 73  

Last updated: 07/16/2014