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Tech Transfer

About the Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Management Department

The Technology Transfer Department helps move technologies from the Lab to the marketplace to benefit society and the U. S. economy. We accomplish this through developing and managing an array of partnerships with the private and public sectors.

What We Do

We license a wide range of cutting-edge technologies to companies that have the financial, R & D, manufacturing, marketing, and managerial capabilities to successfully commercialize Lab inventions. In addition, we manage lab-industry research partnerships, ensure that inventions receive appropriate patent or copyright protection, license technology to start-up companies, distribute royalties to the Lab and to inventors and serve as the Lab resource on industry relations.


From FY2004 to FY2008 Berkeley Lab has:

•  Received over 140 U.S. and 120 foreign patents;

•  Entered into 80 licenses or options for technologies in a wide range of fields including biotechnology, energy, nanotechnology, IT, materials discovery, semiconductor manufacturing, and health;

•  Executed over 130 commercial software licenses and over 270,000 no-cost software licenses;

•  Generated licensing income of $14 million and earned Lab inventors over $4.5 million in royalties for licensed technologies.

Technology Transfer Process

Successful technology transfer involves a number of steps, beginning with the invention of new technology or the development of software. These inventions or software are evaluated, and then if appropriate, intellectual property protection (patents or copyright) is sought. Collaborative research with industry may further develop the technology. The technology is promoted to identify qualified licensees and then licensed. Learn more about the technology transfer process.

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Last updated: 05/09/2014