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Thursday, May 24, 2007


Functions at the new Excess Processing Center in building 79 include:

Excess Computer Processing

  • In order to meet new DOE orders for computer security, all hard discs are now removed from computers and destroyed. Employees who need a computer and are willing to purchase a new hard disc should let the Facilities Division know what type of computer they want. Facilities will screen the incoming computers and alert the employee when one is available.
  • Retirement from Sunflower database when placed on excess or disposal status
  • Re-issue/utilization per request
  • Hard drive removal and destruction
  • Sorting and disposition of Universal Waste.  (E-waste, monitors, keyboards, etc.)
  • Re-issue used equipment and supplies

Bid & Scrap Metal Sales

  • Scrap Metal Sorting and sale functions are onsite at Building 79
  • Equipment processing on FEDS and bid sale materials the audit trail is established at Bldg. 79 with a check of everything to insure no hazardous materials leave the Laboratory.  Equipment is then sent to 904 for disposition.
  • Bid sales conducted 2 times per month at bldg 904
  • Used furniture sales (public) are conducted at bldg 904.
Sample furniture is available for re-use is available at bldg. 79.






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