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Tech Transfer
Licensed Technologies

Here are some of our licensees and the technologies they are commercializing; see our Start-Up Company page for more of our technology licenses.

Company (Licensee)
Life Technologies Corp. Cell lines for breast cancer research
Bristol Myers Squibb; Novartis; Plexxikon Inc.; Wyeth Research; GlaxoSmithKline; Johnson & Johnson;  Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; Genzyme Software for automated macromolecular crystallography
Shell International Exploration and Production; ConnocoPhillips Company; StatOil ASA; Schlumburger Technology Corportation; BHP Billiton Ltd.; Chevron Energy Technology Company; EniTecnologie S.p.A. Geo-Hydrophysical modeling software
Microsoft Home Energy Saver software distribution
Kalinex Colorimetric bioassay
Western Water Equipment Bioelectrochemical remediation for perchlorate
Gene therapy for Parkinson's disease
Ikerlan; Electric Power Development Co., Ltd.; Worldwide Energy, Inc. Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Maxon Low NOx burners for industrial use
Takeda Pharmaceutical ; Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation Robotics for nanovolume protein crystallography
Tensor Non-destructive tooling using neutron generators
Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics, Inc. Diagnostic for breast cancer and other cancers
10 commercial licensees
TOUGH suite of software for multiphase flow and transport processes in permeable media
Eli Lilly; Wyeth Pharmaceuticals; Pfizer Research tools to study atherosclerosis
Quest Diagnostics; Berkeley HeartLab Ion mobility analysis technology for cardiovascular disease indicators
Mobotec USA Cost effective removal of mercury from coal-fired power plant emissions
Bristol-Myers Squibb; Wyeth Pharmaceuticals Human mammary epithelial cell lines
Affymetrix Computational gene modeling software
Cellular Bioengineering Neural CCD sensor
Multi-band semiconductors for high-efficiency solar cells
10 commercial licensees
VISTA/AVID software for comparative genomic analysis
>25 commercial distributors
Energy Plus, energy simulation software for building design
Fairchild Imaging

HiRho CCD technology for near infrared imaging

Adelphi Technology Neutron source technology
Technology for solid state gamma camera for nuclear medicine
Analytical software for transposon gels
Veeco Instruments Cathodic Arc Plasma Technology for Computer Hard Discs
Sigma-Aldrich; Cell Signalling Technology Cell senescence research reagents
Advanced Medical Isotope Corporation Neutron source technologies
Dakota Technologies Integrated circuits
High resolution instrument/software package for characterizing groundwater contamination
Pulsed mini plasma gun for thin film deposition
Integrated Circuits for nuclear medicine
OHM Ltd.; Anadarko Petroleum Corp.; StatOil ASA; Schlumberger; BHP Billiton; Chevron; JOGMEC GEM and GSharp software packages for modeling magnetotelluric and gravity data
Highly sensitive room temperature semiconductor radiation detectors
Esco Micro Pte Ltd. Energy efficient fume hood
ConnocoPhillips and other oil and gas companies
EM1DSH electromagnetic modeling software
High resolution monochrometers and spectrometers
MannKind Corporation; Centocor; Elan Pharmaceuticals; Amgen; Cellectis Research tools for sickle-cell disease
CCD camera for transmission electron microscope
High performance, energy-efficient table lamp
Radiance software for predicting and rendering lighting environments
Fluorescence Innovations Analog Transient Waveform Digitizer for analog storage
PGP-Solver (Software)
Pyramid Film & Video; Center for Media & Independent Learning
Berkeley Lab-produced science videos

For more information on licensing, please contact us or see Licensing Berkeley Lab Technologies  

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Last updated: 05/09/2014