Berkeley Lab social media guidelines

Read this before you tweet! These guidelines, developed by Berkeley Lab’s Public Affairs Department, are intended to help Lab employees who use social media in an official capacity on behalf of Berkeley Lab. Social media is a great way to engage a large audience, but there are ways to do it well—and not so well—so please read on.

These guidelines are for Lab staff interested in establishing a social media presence for a department, division, or user facility. They’re also for Lab staff using social media as an individual but representing the Lab in some way. For Berkeley Lab’s policies on basic computing and communications, which pertain to all Lab employees, read RPM 9.01 Computing and Communication and RPM 9.02 Operational Procedures for Computing and Communications.

A quick checklist for social media success:

Getting started
Before establishing a social media presence, ask whether you’d be better served by working with the Public Affairs Department, which manages the Lab’s main: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, and other pages. You may find that funneling information through these channels is a better way to reach a large audience. Information posted on these sites is intended for a broad audience.

If you are exploring establishing a social media presence on behalf of a division or department, please first contact Public Affairs to discuss the process, naming, graphics needs, etc. This will help ensure the continuity of the Lab’s online identity. We also want to include your site in the Lab’s social media page. Contact Public Affairs at x7292 or

A checklist to consider before you start:

Public Affairs’ policy on comments and moderation
Berkeley Lab respects different opinions and hopes to foster dialogue within our social media presences. However, comments on social media sites managed by Berkeley Lab Public Affairs may be removed if they violate our commenting policy. Comments may be removed if they:

Because of the anonymous nature of YouTube accounts, Berkeley Lab Public Affairs staff pre-moderate comments to videos posted on our YouTube channel before the comments are posted.

Video standards for Berkeley Lab’s official YouTube channel
Public Affairs, which administers the Lab’s official YouTube channel, has developed guidelines for what can be hosted on this site. The list includes:

Questions? Comments?
Contact Berkeley Lab Public Affairs at x7292 or