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Facility Specialist Gives Regents Staff Perspective as CUCSA Delegate


[4/25/08] Meet Jeff Troutman, a facility specialist for the Advanced Light Source. Among his duties is developing and implementing a system that ensures risks are identified and addressed before experiments begin, in accordance with Integrated Safety Management (ISM) principles. A seven-year Lab veteran, he’s currently working on his MBA and hopes to get his degree next year. When not working, Troutman likes hanging out with his wife and kids, taking in a San Francisco Giants game, and serving as a delegate to the Council of UC Staff Assemblies. “I like the role because it allows me to provide input to the system. Not only do we get to meet regularly with regents and chancellors, we develop reports that UCOP uses to address staff concerns,” says Troutman. “It’s a great professional development opportunity.” Applications for a new Lab CUCSA delegate are currently being accepted. Contact Troutman for more information.


Windows Group Staffer Organizes Craft Fair


[12/5/07] Meet Robin Mitchell, who works for the Windows and Daylighting Group in the Environmental Energy Technologies Division. The group has developed software programs used by the windows industry to rate the efficiency of their products. “I coordinate the program and design efforts, and provide user support, documentation, and training,” explains Mitchell. When not at work, she can be found partaking in “serious” vegetable gardening, weaving, bike riding, and whitewater rafting. But during the holiday season, she is busy organizing the Lab’s annual craft fair, which takes place tomorrow from 3:30 to 6:30 p.m. in the cafeteria. “I started as a crafter in 1998, and started helping (former organizer and employee) Shelley Worsham in 1999,” she says. Mitchell took over the reins after Worsham’s departure several years back. “There is such a variety of creative talent at the Lab, which you wouldn't know about otherwise,” says Mitchell of her commitment to the fair. “We have amazing writers, musicians, photographers, potters, jewelry makers, and bakers…the list goes on and on.”


Materials Scientist Brings Yoga to Lab


[12/20/05] Meet Inna Belogolovsky. She has worked for the Lab's Materials Sciences Division for five years, conducting research on solid oxide fuel cells. She is also one of the Lab's regular yoga instructors, teaching weekly classes in Building 70. Belogolovsky discovered yoga at age 9 in her native Russia. She enjoys teaching and practicing this ancient form of exercise because it "creates breathing space in my body and life, boosts circulation, releases and tones muscles, and improves balance, among many other benefits." For those who'd like to give the gift of yoga to a co-worker during the holidays, Belogolovsky is offering a special discount rate for classes. Contact her for more information.


Lab Truck Driver Soups Up Harleys With His Son


[2/28/05] Meet Jim Martinez, a truck driver for the Lab's Transportation Department. When he's not picking up and delivering items, he can be found with his son in a Brentwood garage customizing Harley Davidson motorcycles. It started as a hobby 12 years ago, but word of their skill quickly spread, so the two officially opened their "Old School Choppers" business about a year ago. For riders who want spiffy looking bikes, the father-son duo add special accessories, like handle bars, seats, grips, levers, coil covers and chrome plating. They also design and fabricate exhaust systems to create distinct sounds and enhance performance. Martinez says the "biker" stereotype is mostly untrue. "Most of us are working people who happen to love motorcycles," he says.


Keeping Us Healthy While We Work


[11/23/04] Meet Cathy Wentworth. She is a registered nurse for Health Services, within the Lab’s Environment, Health and Safety Division. Her job entails treating employees who get injured both on and off-site and providing follow-up care, consultations, and referrals, if needed. She also conducts physicals and hearing tests, and is the coordinator of the Lab’s on-site Weight Watchers program. “Helping staff get well and feel better is very gratifying,” says Wentworth of her job. When not tending to Lab employees, she can be found horseback riding and jumping, or camping with her family, who live in Crockett.

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