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Berkeley Lab’s Communications and Media Relations Group is responsible for gathering, reporting, and disseminating news about the Lab to both internal and external audiences, including employees, the media, and the community.

The latest news can be found at the News Center, which includes press releases, feature stories, announcements, multimedia features, and employee news. The site is searchable and offers web feeds and social networking tools.

In addition to the News Center, the Communications and Media Relations Group, together with the Creatives Services Office, also maintains the Lab’s homepage.

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Communications and Media Relations Staff

After Hours Journalists seeking to contact Public Affairs after business hours should call 510-486-5771.
Jon Weiner

Science Writing and Media Relations
Lynn Yarris, senior science writer, 510-486-5375,
Energy Research, Biofuels, Chemistry, Novel Materials, Nanoscience and Nanotechnology

science writer - Vacant
Physics, Cosmology, Nuclear Science, Accelerators, Light Sources, Construction

Dan Krotz, science writer, 510-486-4019,
Technology Transfer, Life Sciences and Genomics, Structural Biology, Climate and Earth Sciences, Computing

Julie Chao, science writer, 510-486-6491,
Stimulus Funding, Economic Impacts, International Energy Programs

Internal Communications
Lyn Hunter, editor, Today at Berkeley Lab, 510-486-4698,
Human Resources, Events, Transportation/Parking, Community Building

Web Communications
Pam Patterson, managing editor, 510-486-4045,
Education, Laboratory History, Photography and Images, Environment, Health and Safety