Homestake mine in Lead, SD

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Senior Personnel, Consultants and Advisors





Homestake Program Advisory Committee Membership



Professor Frank Sciulli - Columbia Co-chair

Professor Ed Kearns - Boston University

Professor Josh Klein - University of Texas, Austin

Dr. Bill Marciano - Brookhaven National Laboratory

Professor Harry Nelson - University of Santa Barbara

Professor Hank Sobel - University of California, Irvine


Earth Science

Professor Derek Elsworth - Penn State Co-chair

Professor Sookie Bang - South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

Mr. Derric Iles - South Dakota Geological Survey

Professor Thomas L. Kieft - New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology (recused from EIP discussions)

Dr. Chris Nuezil - US Geological Survey

Professor Bill Pariseau - University of Utah


Education and Outreach

Professor Charles Ruch - South Dakota School of Mines and Technology