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In Case of Emergency

Emergency Reporting
Life-Threatening Event 24/7
  Lab/Cell Phone: x7911 or x911
  Off Site Locations: x911
Non-Emergency Reporting (Fire and Police)
Non-Life-Threatening Event 24/7
  Lab Phone: x6999
  Cell Phone: 510-486-6999
  Off Site Locations: 510-486-6999
Urgent Radiation Protection Group Assistance
Non-Life-Threatening Radiological LabEvent 24/7
  Lab Phone: x7277
  Cell Phone: 510-486-7277
  Off Site Locations: 510-486-7277
Security 24/7
  Blackberry Gate: x5472
  Emergency Operations Center: x6666 (510-486-6666)

More information about emergency procedures at Berkeley Lab can be found in the Emergency Response Guide.