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Ion Beam Analysis Facility (Bldg 53-Rm 022)

Model 5SDH pelletron tandem accelerator; energetic alpha beam up to 5 MeV can be generated by pelletron with terminal voltage 1.7MV

In order to become a qualified user, you must:

  1. Have a valid LBNL ID or a guest
  2. Have a valid LBNL account number
  3. Complete safety trainings (JHA group to be set up)
    1. Task Specific users: sample loading, vacuum chamber, data acquisition system
      1. EHS0010: Overview of EH&S at LBNL
      2. EHS0231: Compressed Gas & Cryogen Safety
      3. EHS0348: Chemical Hygiene and Safety
    2. Fully authorized users: acceleration operation, ion source operation
      1. EHS0471: Radiation Protection-RW I/Pt1
      2. EHS0472: Radiation Protecion-RW I/Pt2
  4. Certification trainings: (will be arranged monthly or upon request)
    1. Equipment operation
    2. Data analysis
  5. If you don’t use IBA very often but want to run a few samples, analytical services can be provided

For Questions Contact Dr. Andre Anders at 510.486.6745 or