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Division Staff


Xiang Zhang, Division Director 66-246
Peter Fischer, Deputy Director 510-486-7052 66-247
Nga Thien Bui, Assistant to the Director510-486-5631 66-250F
Terry Calarco, Business Operations 510-486-5832 66-245
Michael Wisherop, EH&S Manager 510-486-7407
Noah Schwartz, Administrator 510-486-4957 66-250E

Human Resources

Ewa Elkins, Senior HR Division partner 510-495-2952
Misty Enriquez, HR Division partner 510-486-6492
Christine Chau, HR Assistant 510-486-6407 66-248

Budget and Accounting

Laura Luo, Principal Resource Analyst 510-486-5952 66-249
Sonia C. Dominquez, Senior Resource Analyst 510-486-5786 2-438
Kenny Taba, Senior Resource Analyst 510-486-6482 66-240
Sarah Gutierrez, Senior Resource Analyst 510-486-6419 66-241

Communications and Outreach

Vacant, please contact Noah Schwartz

Purchasing, Property, Travel

Carmen Ross, Admin. Supervisor, LETS &
Rosemary Williams, Purchasing Coord. &
Jasmine Harris,
Gil Torres, Building Manager 510-486-5395 62-104A