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Materials Sciences Division | Newsletter 01.31.13

Director's Message

Jeffery Neaton, Acting Director

Dear Colleagues,

It is a pleasure to launch the inaugural issue of our monthly MSD newsletter.

MSD has seen several exciting changes in the past year. Last autumn we brought on board Nick Everson, our new deputy Director for Operations, and Alison Hatt, a Public Affairs Specialist and staff writer. We also renovated the MSD administrative office, re-tasked and promoted staff, and launched a new website. Several new scientific programs were awarded and initiated, and we received funds for a 2000-core computer cluster.

Looking ahead, we will continue to build on our scientific leadership team, and are about to initiate a new LDRD process. There is also an ongoing international search for a new Division Director.

I look forward to working with all of you in the coming year, listening to your comments about evolving activities in MSD and at Berkeley Lab, and sharing science ideas.

Best regards,
Jeffrey Neaton, Acting Director

Seeing in Color at the Nanoscale

Molecular Foundry campanile tip

Researchers at the Molecular Foundry have developed a powerful new nanoscale microscopy probe that delivers broadband spectroscopic data with sub-wavelength resolution. The Berkeley Lab team, along with their collaborators at UC Berkeley, Cal Tech and in Italy, have used their new tool to reveal important details about local light‑matter interactions in indium-phosphide nanowires.  Read more...

High-Current-Density Nanostructured Photocathodes

Nanostructured InP photocathode

JCAP researchers Ali Javey, Joel Ager, and coworkers, have shown that nanostructured InP can be a high performance photocathode for converting sunlight into hydrogen. The combination of high efficiency and stability demonstrated in this system is a significant step towards the realization of artificial photosynthesis.  Read more...

News Shorts

Gabor Somorjai

Gabor Somorjai Wins 2013 NAS Award in Chemical Sciences

Professor Somorjai was one of 18 individuals recognized by the National Academy of Sciences for outstanding scientific achievement in the physical, biological and social sciences. Read more...

MSD Gives Back team

Charity Drives Yield Toys, Coats, and Cash for Those in Need  


Foundry spin-off wins NOVA competition

Molecular Foundry Spin-Off Company Wins the NOVA Innovation Competition


Safety Bulletin

safety training

Always include safety training in on-the-job training. Almost every new researcher in an MSD lab receives specific in-lab (on-the-job) training in addition to formal institutional training. Typically this includes training to conduct specific activities or operate, maintain and service equipment. For potentially hazardous operations or equipment, in-lab training should always include process/equipment-specific safety training as well as operational training. Researchers must be trained to prevent injury, electrical shock, chemical release or other accidents. Read more...

Human Resources Update

Supervisors:  Please remember to inform HR of your intent to extend or terminate employees' appointments in a timely manner, especially for employees who are visa holders. Depending on the visa status, it can take up to four months to renew a visa.  Please be sure to update the End Date Smartsheet when you receive the monthly notifications.  If you do not indicate "extend" on the smartsheet and the appointment end date has already expired, HR will initiate the termination process.

  • Notify HR at least 2 weeks before employee’s termination date.
  • Extension requests should be for one year or less.
  • All requests are subject to budget approval.
  • All requests for visa holders are subject to visa processing guidelines and may be delayed or denied due to the Department of Homeland Security protocol.
  • Postdoc appointments cannot exceed a cumulative total of 5 years of postdoc experience from all institutions. Appointments beyond 3 years total postdoc experience (from all institutions) may be subject to Division Director’s approval.

Please also note that a directory of Human Resources contacts is available on the MSD website.