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MoS2 transistors with 1-nanometer gate lengths

MoS<sub>2</sub> transistors with 1-nanometer gate lengths(A) Schematic and (B) Cross-sectional TEM image of 1D2D-FET with a MoS2 channel, SWCNT gate and ZrO2 gate dielectric. (D) ID-VGS and (E) ID-VDS characteristics of a bilayer MoS2 channel SWCNT gated FET at VBS = 5 V. (F) ID-VGS characteristics at VDS = 1 V and varying VBS.

Scientific Achievement
Demonstration of the shortest gate length transistor using a MoS2 channel and ~1 nm diameter single-walled carbon nanotube (SWCNT) gate.

Significance and Impact
~1 nm gate length transistor possible. Layered materials like MoS2 are potential channel materials at the sub-5-nm transistor scaling limit.

Research Details

  • Near ideal subthreshold swing ~65 mV/decade, On/Off current ratio ~106
  • Effective channel length of ~3.9 nm in Off state and ~1 nm in On state
  • MoS2 extension regions electrostatically doped n+ using Si back gate

S. B. Desai, S. R. Madhvapathy, A. B. Sachid, J. P. Llinas, Q. Wang, G. H. Ahn, G. Pitner, M. J. Kim, J. Bokor, C. Hu, H.-S. P. Wong, A. Javey, Science 354(6308) 99-102 (2016), DOI 10.1126/science.aah4698.