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Interlayer Electron-Phonon Coupling in WSe2/hBN Heterostructures

Interlayer Electron-Phonon Coupling in WSe<sub>2</sub>/hBN Heterostructures(a) Illustration of interlayer electron-phonon coupling, where the phonon vibration in hBN couples to the exciton states in WSe2. (b) Raman spectrum of the heterostructure shows prominent hBN phonon Raman peaks strongly enhanced by resonant excitation of WSe2.

Scientific Achievement
Observed extraordinary interlayer electron-phonon interaction in WSe2/hBN heterostructures, where hBN phonons couples strongly with WSe2 electronic transitions.

Significance and Impact
This first observation of the interlayer electron-phonon interaction can open up new ways to engineer electrons and phonons for novel device applications.

Research Details

  • Optically silent hBN phonons emerge in Raman spectra with surprisingly strong intensity through resonant coupling to WSe2 electronic transitions
  • Exploiting such interactions between electrons in one layered material and phonons in an adjacent material could lead to novel quantum behavior that is not possible so far

C. Jin, J. Kim, J. Suh, Z. Shi, B. Chen, X. Fan, M. Kam, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, S. Tongay, A. Zettl, J. Wu, F. Wang, Nature Physics, DOI 10.1038/nphys3928 (2016)