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Atomically Precise Interfacial Control of Magnetic States

Atomically Precise Interfacial Control of Magnetic StatesA HRSTEM image of SrIrO3-LSMO superlattices grown by laser MBE; the inset is a polar plot of the magnetoresistance showing the effect of insertion of 1 unit cell of SrIrO3 on the easy axis of the LSMO layer.

Scientific Achievement
Demonstrated the use of heteroepitaxy in controlling spin-orbit interactions in oxide quantum materials.

Significance and Impact
Provide pathways to a new generation of spin-orbit coupled materials.

Research Details

  • Manipulating magnetic anisotropy of ferromagnetic La2/3Sr1/3MnO3 by digitally inserting monolayers of SrIrO3
  • Polar plot shows a 45-degree phase shift of the in-plane magnetic anisotropy in the La2/3Sr1/3MnO3 layer
  • Origin: A novel spin-orbit entangled magnetic state with an emergent orbital momentum in SrIrO3

D. Yi, J. Liu, S.L. Hsu, L. Zhang, Y. Choi, J.W. Kim, Z. Chen, J. Clarkson, C. R. Serrao, , E. Arenholz, P. J. Ryan, H. Xu, R.J. Birgeneau and R. Ramesh, PNAS (2016)