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  • Solar Cell Efficiencies

    Steve Louie, Marco Bernardi, Jeff Neaton and Johannes Lischner developed the first ab initio method for characterizing hot carriers in semiconductors.

  • Ultrahigh Frequency Sound Waves

    Gold plasmonic nanostructures shaped like Swiss-crosses can convert laser light into ultrahigh frequency (10GHz) sound waves.

  • Sons and Daughters to Work Day

    Hands-On Learning

    Students construct water molecules from sub-atomic particles with MSD staff at Berkeley Lab's "Sons and Daughters to Work Day"

  • CSEE student visit at the Molecular Foundry

    Next-Generation Scientists

    Students from Richmond High School's Engineering Academy got an up-close view of nanoscience research at the Molecular Foundry

  • Producing Hyperpolarized Xenon

    Gas on a Microfluidic Chip Technology provides contrast agent capable of enhanced signal with a small, portable device.

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  Microfluidic Electrochemical Energy Conversion

Quantum Dot-Organic Semiconductor Hybrid: Using Energy Level Alignment for Efficient Carrier Transport

The Inorganic/Organic Nanocomposites Program has, for the first time, demonstrated efficient charge carrier transport modulation in quantum dot (QD) films by energy level alignment between QDs and ligands. ยป

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