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  • Channeling Valleytronics in Graphene

    Berkeley Lab researchers used near-field IR nanoscopy to discover topologically protected 1D electron conducting channels at the domain walls of bilayer graphene.

  • New Design Tool for Metamaterials

    Xiang Zhang, Haim Suchowski and Kevin O’Brien were part of the team that discovered a way to predict the non-linear optical properties of metamaterials.

  • Sons and Daughters to Work Day

    Hands-On Learning

    Students play a card game to learn about scale and powers of ten with MSD staff at Berkeley Lab's "Sons and Daughters to Work Day."

  • CSEE student visit at the Molecular Foundry

    Next-Generation Scientists

    Students from Richmond High School's Engineering Academy got an up-close view of nanoscience research at the Molecular Foundry

  • A Better Way of Scrubbing CO2

    Berkeley Lab researchers found a way to improve the efficiency of CO2 adsorption through the use of metal organic frameworks.

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  Microfluidic Electrochemical Energy Conversion

Engineering Molecular Bandgap by Bottom-up Synthesis of Varied Width GNRs

The Characteristics of Functional Nanomachines Program has, for the first time, connected pre-designed molecular building blocks to create shape-tunable graphene nanoribbons (GNRs). This leads to the ability to control and vary GNR width and the resulting bandgap. »

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