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  • Channeling Valleytronics in Graphene

    Berkeley Lab researchers used near-field IR nanoscopy to discover topologically protected 1D electron conducting channels at the domain walls of bilayer graphene.

  • New Design Tool for Metamaterials

    Xiang Zhang, Haim Suchowski and Kevin O’Brien were part of the team that discovered a way to predict the non-linear optical properties of metamaterials.

  • Sons and Daughters to Work Day

    Hands-On Learning

    Students play a card game to learn about scale and powers of ten with MSD staff at Berkeley Lab's "Sons and Daughters to Work Day."

  • Molecular Foundry Featured in Special Issue of Advanced Materials

    Featuring the Molecular Foundry

    An entire October 2015 special issue of Advanced Materials was dedicated to the work of the Molecular Foundry.

  • A Better Way of Scrubbing CO2

    Berkeley Lab researchers found a way to improve the efficiency of CO2 adsorption through the use of metal organic frameworks.

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  Microfluidic Electrochemical Energy Conversion

The World's Largest Database of Piezoelectric Properties

Materials Project researchers used first-principles calculations to compute piezoelectric tensors for nearly 1000 compounds, thereby increasing the available data for this property by an order of magnitude. »

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