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New Staff & Guests

Welcome to the Life Sciences Division.

Before you can start work, you must complete a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA). Once you have obtained your lab internet account (LDAP) and password, meet with your supervisor or worklead and have them add you to the appropriate JHA Work Group.  Then go on-line here and select “Take JHA” and “Create New JHA” from the menu.  With your supervisor’s help, complete and submit the questionnaire. Your supervisor will then approve your answers, you will need to give one last approval, and you will have completed the process.

You will have generated a Job Hazard Analysis that describes the tasks you will perform in your work, the hazards associated with that work, and the controls you need to adopt to mitigate those hazards. These controls will include training. You need to complete the required training prior to starting the work. You can take on-line training or sign up for classes here.

The Investigator's Handbook (PDF) (LDAP login required) has been developed to help new investigators navigate their research operations within the Life Sciences Division and to provide a reference document for current investigators.