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New Staff & Affiliates

Before You Start Work

Welcome to the Life Sciences Division. Before you can start work, you need a work authorization and on the job training from your your supervisor or work lead. Once you have obtained your Berkeley Lab ID (LDAP) and password, meet with your supervisor or work lead to have them add you to the appropriate Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) Work Group.  Then go on-line here and select “Take JHA” and “Create New JHA” from the menu.  With your supervisor’s or work lead's help, complete and submit the questionnaire. Your supervisor will then approve your answers, you will need to give one last approval, and you will have completed the process.

You will have generated a Job Hazard Analysis that describes the tasks you will perform in your work, the hazards associated with that work, and the controls you need to adopt to mitigate those hazards. These controls will include training. You need to complete the required training prior to starting the work. You can take on-line training or sign up for classes here.

IMPORTANT: Your supervisor or work lead may decide the Job Hazard Analysis is not the right system to analyze and authorize your work as Berkeley Lab is currently transitioning to a new work authorization process called Work Planning and Control; your supervisor or work lead may decide that this is a better choice for you.

Safety Resources

Please check out the Safety Resources section of this website which includes e.g. a student safety handbook and checklist, as well as several helpful links to health and safety areas of importance to Life Sciences Division staff. The Environment /Health / Safety (EHS) Division website is also an important resource, which includes a helpful EHS A-Z index here.