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Research Portfolio

Research in the Life Sciences Division contributes to strategic Berkeley Lab and national efforts to address scientific questions and provide solutions in the areas of biological and disease responses to environmental challenges, cancer, DNA damage and repair, radiation biology, genome structure and function, neurodegenerative diseases, structural biology, bio-fuel production and bioremediation.

This is accomplished by developing multi-disciplinary, multi-divisional and multi-institutional teams to approach problems of scale and/or technical complexity that can best be accomplished in a National Laboratory environment. Life Sciences Division scientists participate in these multi-disciplinary programs while maintaining outstanding independent research programs.

The Division is organized into three departments: Cell and Molecular Biology, Structural Biology and Imaging, and Genome Dynamics. New cross-cutting divisional scientific programs were introduced in 2014 which complement the Division’s strengths, expand the integration with Berkeley Lab research and align Division research efforts with the Berkeley Lab's Biosciences 10-year Scientific Strategic Plan (BSP). These programs are:

Several technology centers and technological research resources complement and support the Divison’s diverse research portfolio.