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Kronenberg Lab

Research Interest

The Kronenberg lab conducts research related to the consequences of exposure of ionizing radiation, which was documented as the first environmental mutagen eighty years ago.  Our work addresses the regulation of mutagenesis through pathways that link genome surveillance and apoptotic regulation.  Related studies address the role of the tissue microenvironment in modulating the effects of radiation exposure.  Specialized studies address the dynamics of the physics of charged particle exposures, the impact of the tissue environment, and the maintenance of genomic stability.

Selected Publications

Kronenberg, A., Gauny, S., Kwoh, E., Grossi, G., Dan, C., Grygoryev, D., Lasarev, M., and Turker, M.S.  Comparative anaysis of cell killing and autosomal mutation in mouse kidney epithelium exposed to 1 GeV protons in vitro or in vivoRadiation Research. 179:511-520, 2013.

Turker, M.S., Grygoryev, D., Dan, C., Eckelmann, B., Lasarev, M. Gauny, S., Kwoh, E., and Kronenberg, A.  Autosomal mutations in mouse kidney epithelial cells exposed to high-energy protons in vivo or in culture.  Radiation Research. 179:521-529, 2013.

Kronenberg, A., and Cucinotta, F.A.  Space radiation protection issues.  Health Physics. 103:556-567, 2012.

Dan, C., Grygoryev, D., Sandfort, K., Connolly, M., Cross, B., Lasarev, M., Kronenberg, A., and Turker, M.  Marked aneuploidy and loss of multiple chromosomes are common in autosomal mutants isolated from normal mouse kidney epithelium.   Genes, Chromosomes & Cancer. 50:239-49, 2011.

Zafar, F., Seidler, S.B., Kronenberg, A., Schjld, D. and Wiese, C.  Homologous recombination contributes to the repair of DNA double-strand breaks induced by high-energy iron ions.  Radiation Research. 173:27-39, 2010. 

Kronenberg, A.,  Gauny, S., Kwoh, E., Connolly, L., Dan, C. and Turker, M.S.  Comparative analysis of cell killing and autosomal mutation in mouse kidney epithelium exposed to 1 GeV/amu Fe ions in vitro or in situ. Radiation Research. 172:550-557, 2009.

Turker, M.S., Connolly, L., Dan, C., Lasarev, M, Gauny, S., Kwoh, E. and Kronenberg, A.  Comparison of autosomal mutations in mouse kidney epithelial cells exposed to 1 GeV/amu Fe ions in situ or in culture. Radiation Research. 172:558-566, 2009.

Sudo, H., Garbe, J., Stampfer, M.R., Barcellos-Hoff, M.H., and Kronenberg, A.  Karyotypic instability and centrosome aberrations in the progeny of finite lifespan human mammary epithelial cells exposed to sparsely or densely ionizing radiation. Radiation Research. 170:23-37, 2008.

Lenarczyk, M. , Ueno, A, Vannais, D.B., Kraemer, S., Kronenberg, A., Roberts, J.R., Tatsumi, K.,  Hei, T.,K. and Waldren, C.A.  The "pro-drug" RibCys decreases the mutagenecity of high LET radiation in cultured mammalian cells. Radiation Research. 160:579-583, 2003.

Wiese, C., Pierce, A.J., Gauny, S.S., Jasin, M. and Kronenberg, A.  Gene conversion is strongly induced in human cells by double-strand breaks and is modulated by the expression of BCL-XL. Cancer Research. 62:1279-1283, 2002.

Wiese, C., Collins, D.W., Albala, J.S., Thompson, L.H., Kronenberg, A. and Schild, D. Interactions involving the Rad51 paralogs Rad51C and XRCC3 in human cells. Nucleic Acids Research. 30: 1009-1105, 2002.

Kraemer, S., Vannais, D.B., Kronenberg, A., Ueno, A., and Waldren C.A. Gamma-ray mutagenesis studies in a new human-hamster hybrid, ALCD59+/-, which has two human chromosomes 11 but is hemizygous for the CD59 gene. Radiation Research. 156:10-19, 2001.

Wiese, C., Gauny, S., Liu, W., Cherbonnel-Lasserre, C. and Kronenberg, A. Different mechanisms of radiation-induced loss of heterozygosity in two human lymphoid cell lines from a single donor. Cancer Research. 61:1129-1137, 2001. 

Kraemer, S.M., Kronenberg, A., Ueno, A. and Waldren, C.A. Measuring the spectrum of mutations induced by nitrogen ions and protons in the human-hamster hybrid cell line ALC. Radiation Research. 153:743-751, 2000. 

Cherbonnel-Lasserre, C., Gauny, S., and Kronenberg, A. Suppression of apoptosis by Bcl-2 or Bcl-XL promotes susceptibility to mutagenesis. Oncogene. 13:1489-1497, 1996.


Amy Kronenberg


Staff Scientist/
Life Sciences Division

Cell and Molecular Biology

Berkeley Lab
One Cyclotron Road
Mailstop: 977
Berkeley, CA 94720
Tel: (510) 486-6449
Fax: (510) 486-4475


Lab Members

Principal Scientist
Kronenberg, Amy

Research Associate
Gauny, Stacey   

Administrative Assistant
Peet, Kevin