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About Us

The Early Career Scientists Society (ECSS) provides an environment that fosters career and personal development for early career scientists at Berkeley Lab. Events and activities are organized by the ECSS Committee. We:

Our events are posted on the Life Sciences Division Events Calendar.


Join Us

We welcome you to join the ECSS Committee. Most importantly, by joining you have a chance to:

And hopefully have fun doing so!

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact ECSS President Deepa Sridharan.


ECSS Seminar Series 2014-2015

Some of our regular events are the ECSS Seminar Series, held in room 141 at 717 Potter Street. These seminars, as well as other ECSS events, are listed on the Life Sciences Division Events Calendar.

Monthly ECSS research seminars, held on the first Wednesday of each month from noon to 1 p.m., showcase the ongoing work of graduate students and post doctorate researchers who volunteer to talk. This is an excellent opportunity to practice public speaking in a casual environment, and gain helpful advice from other researchers at Berkeley Lab.

The seminar series is also home to company-sponsored technical seminars, in which biotech companies come to present a diverse portfolio of new technologies and products that they offer. These technical seminars, held on the third Wednesday of each month from noon to 1 p.m., double as a forum to discuss experimental approaches and strategies.

If you are interested in presenting, or if you have speaker suggestions, please contact Rosalyn Sayaman.


Mailing List

lsd-ecss "at sign" is a mailing list to which all Berkeley Lab early career scientists can subscribe to receive updates on early career scientist-related issues and events, and also for you to send messages to all other members with announcements or requests for help or reagents. To be added to our mailing list, contact ECSS President Deepa Sridharan.


ECSS Committee Members


Deepa Sridharan

Deepa Sridharan

Walter Georgescu

Walter Georgescu


Career Development Coordinator
Kyle Mills

Rosalyn Sayaman

Seminar Coordinator
Rosalyn Sayaman

Aniek Janssen

Social Chair
Aniek Janssen

Noah Schwartz

Noah Schwartz