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The vision of the Life Sciences Division is to advance basic knowledge, and the health of humans and the biosphere, by elucidating the 4-Dimensional dynamics of complex biological systems -- ranging from molecules to microbes to humans.

Research Highlights

Seeing Through Alzheimer’s Disease
In battling Alzheimer’s, researchers – including William Jagust - have been limited to a single snapshot of the brain provided by an autopsy. The course and chronology of the damage are still up for grabs. But the ability to peer into the brains of people struggling with Alzheimer’s as well as seniors free of its grip is increasing. More » 


Mark LaBarge Wins Era of Hope Scholar Award
This prestigious award of the U.S. Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program supports early-career scientists who have demonstrated extraordinary creativity, vision, and leadership potential within the field of breast cancer research. More » 


image of CRISPR-Cas


Possible New RNA Engineering Tool
Jennifer Doudna and Eva Nogales of the Physical Biosciences and Life Sciences Divisions led a study that showed how complexes of bacterial proteins known as “CRISPR-Cas,” which are highly touted for their potential use as a tool for editing DNA, might also serve as an engineering tool for RNA. More »