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The vision of the Life Sciences Division is to advance basic knowledge, and the health of humans and the biosphere, by elucidating the 4-Dimensional dynamics of complex biological systems -- ranging from molecules to microbes to humans.

Important Message Regarding This Website

Following all-hands meetings of Biosciences Area Laboratory Director Jay Keasling on May 5, a comprehensive reorganization process started of the Biosciences Area which included the Life Sciences Division. Per October 1, 2015 the new Area organization has been implemented now encompassing three new divisions: Molecular Biophysics & Integrated Bioimaging (MBIB), Biological Systems & Engineering (BSE), and Environmental Genomics & Systems Biology (EGSB).

As a result, this Life Sciences Division website will be retired per October 31, 2015. Please visit the renewed Biosciences Area website to continue following our exciting research.

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