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My research in computational biology is centered on the complementary themes of learning predictive models from biological data and elucidating the means by which complex biological systems transmit and receive information.


It is motivated by the observation that the large, complex, multidimensional and often hierarchical data emerging in the genomic and post-genomic eras require new tools and techniques for data representation, visualization, modeling, analysis and simulation.

The work has two components (i) basic research into new computational and theoretical methods for studying complex biological systems and phenomena and (ii) dissemination of the results so that others can take advantage of the data and tools that are produced. Techniques such machine learning methods are being used to address areas such as protein annotation, systems modelling and radiation biology. A critical area of future research will be generation of sophisticated, linked data sets of chemical substances, molecular, cellular and tissue structure and function, reaction pathways, physiological effects and other biological outcomes.

I. Saira Mian
Staff Scientist/
Life Sciences Division

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Berkeley, CA 94720
tel: (510)486-6216
fax: (510)486-6949



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