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Contained within the genome of any organism are not only the genes encoding cellular components required for all aspects of life, but also information that allows that genetic information itself to be organized three-dimensionally within the cell or cell nucleus.


Genome organization is dynamic, changing during the course of development and differentiation and to accomplish specific cellular tasks such as chromosome replication and cell division. We are interested in understanding the architectural information encrypted within eukaryotic chromosomes. In particular, we are working to understand how chromosomes are remodeled during the process of meiosis, the specialized cell division leading to the production of gametes. This specialized cell cycle requires a dramatic reorganization of chromosomes, including a global homology search that brings each pair of homologous chromosomes into intimate physical alignment. We study this process in the nematode C. elegans, which allows us to combine rapid genetic manipulation with high-resolution imaging and functional genomics.

Abby Dernburg
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