Celniker, S

Berman, B
Carlson, J
Frise, E
Hoskins, R
Kronmiller, B
Lewis, S
Misra, S

Alexandersson, M
Bergman, C
Bailey, A
Holmes, I
Holmes, M
Kaminker, J
Liao, G
Prochnik, S
Simison, W
Smith, C
Spellman, P
Tomancak, P
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Brokstein, P
Champe, M
Chavez, C
Dresnek, D
Farfan, D
Gibson, M
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Guarin, H
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Marshall, B
Mungall, C
Nunoo, J
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Paragas, V
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Patel, S
Pfeiffer, B
Phouanenavong, S
Richter, J
Shu, S
Stewart, L
Svirskas, R
Wan, K
Wiel, C
Yu, C

Magalhaes, T
Nguyen, D
Weiszmann, R
Yap, V

Rio, D

Wong, K


The goals of the Drosophila Genome Center are to finish the sequence of the euchromatic portion of the genome of Drosophila melanogaster to high quality and to generate and maintain biological annotations of this sequence.

In addition, we are interested in extending the genomic sequence into repeat-rich heterochromatic regions of the Drosophila genome near the centromeres and telomeres. This work is a collaborative effort with Gary Karpen (Salk Institute) and Allan Spradling (Carnegie Institute of Washington).

The annotation of the coding portion of the genome is greatly improved by aligning full-length cDNA sequence. Over the next two years we hope to identify and generate full-length sequence for greater than 13,000 genes in the Drosophila genome. The non-coding portion of the genome contains the regulatory elements required for proper temporal and spatial expression of the genes. We are particularly interested in identifying functional non-coding cis-regulatory elements of the genes controlling Drosophila development using comparative sequence analysis of Drosophila sibling species.

Susan Celniker
Staff Scientist/
Life Sciences Division

One Cyclotron Rd.
Mailstop: 64-121
Berkeley, CA 94720
tel: (510)486-6258
fax: (510)486-6798



Selected Publications

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