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Environment, Health and Safety Division

Waste Management

Waste Management Training

The Waste Management Group provides training in waste-related processes.  This training is designed to assist waste generators in successfully managing their waste in their research labs or operational areas, requesting pick up of waste, and specialized training for those individuals managing waste accumulation areas (WAAs) or working at the Hazardous Waste Handling Facility (HWHF).  In all training classes, the health and safety of researchers and operations personnel and protection of the environment is of primary importance.


Before a waste generator can accumulate waste or request that waste be transferred to the HWHF, the waste generator must be trained in the proper management of waste at Berkeley Lab.  Even if you have managed waste at other government or research facilities, there are Berkeley Lab processes of which you must be aware.  Each of the classes below can be scheduled for individuals or specific groups in addition to the routine schedule published on the EHS Training web site.  Contact your Generator Assistant for more information.

Hazardous Waste Generators

All generators of hazardous waste must complete EHS604 Hazardous Waste Generators  (this should be a link to the registration page).  This is a one-time requirement.

Note: For individuals working at the Joint Genome Institute in Walnut Creek, please schedule PGF604 Hazardous Waste Training for the PGF with your Safety Coordinator.  This is a one-time requirement specifically targeted towards waste generated at the JGI

Hazardous Waste Generator Training for LBL Guests/Visitors

This course, EHS 623 Hazardous Waste Generator for Guests/Visitors provides basic requirements for hazardous waste generation and accumulation for visitors or guests who will be working at LBL for less than 90 days while under the supervision of a fully trained waste generatorThis is a web-based course.  Note: This course is not a substitute for EHS0604.

Radioactive/Mixed Waste Generators

All generators of radioactive and/or mixed waste must complete EHS0640 Training for Hazardous Waste Generators and EHS0622 Radioactive/Mixed Waste Generators.  This is a one-time requirement.

Medical and Biohazardous Waste Generators

All generators of regulated medical waste must complete EHS 730 Medical and Biohazardous Waste Training.  This is a one-time requirement. 

PGF 731 Autoclave Waste for PGF instructs generators at the Joint Genome Institute on proper procedures for autoclaving of waste.  Schedule with your Safety Coordinator.

Waste Accumulation Area (WAA) Managers

Anyone managing a WAA must complete the initial course EHS0610 Waste Accumulation Area Supervisor Training and an annual refresher course EHS0624. Please contact a WST member (x0567).

Facilities Personnel working at the HWHF

Any non-Waste Management Group personnel that require access to the HWHF non-waste areas must take appropriate training. Please contact a WST member (x0567) to schedule. This is a one-time requirement.

Electronic Waste

For those individuals routinely handling electronic waste, initial training and an annual refresher is required.  EHS06111 Univeral Waste Training is the annual electronic waste refresher class.  Please contact a WST member (x0567) to schedule this training.