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Waste Management

Waste Management

6. Medical/Biohazardous Waste Training and Inspections


6.1 Medical/Biohazardous Waste Training

All of the following employees need to take the Medical Waste Generator Training class (EHS 730), which covers the management procedures for medical waste:

        Medical/biohazardous waste generators

        Medical waste pickup site coordinators and their alternates

        Supervisors of personnel who work in areas where medical/biohazardous waste is generated/stored

        Custodians who handle medical/biohazardous waste containers

        Facilities personnel who need to recognize the biohazard warning signs and/or move one of the storage containers

        Building (safety) managers

Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that their personnel receive medical-waste training, if appropriate. Personnel who work near areas where medical waste is generated or stored and are not generating medical waste can be trained by their supervisor.


6.2 Medical/Biohazardous Waste Inspections

A representative from the Waste Management Group will perform quarterly inspections of each medical/biohazardous waste generating location. They will inspect for proper management of medical/biohazardous waste, including labeling, storage, and handling. Results of these inspections will be discussed with the Safety Coordinator and researchers.