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Waste Management


A variety of containers, required to store all hazardous and radioactive waste, at a WAA and SAA must adhere to regulatory requirements and may be purchased from a variety of suppliers or obtained from Waste Management.

Polyethylene Wide Mouth Bottle

Available from a variety of vendors
500 ml (16 oz)  VWR Item # 16126-132, Case of 4 $215.76, pack of 12 $70.12*

1000 ml (32 oz)  VWR Item # 16126-134, Case of 4 $206.40, Pack of 12 $67.08*


Polyethylene Jug

Available from various vendors
Thomas Scientific, Item # 2220-0010, $28.21* each


Red Metal or Plastic Safety Can

Used for solvent waste
[5 gallon, 2.5 gallons, 1 gallon]

For all sizes, order from Waste Management


Polyethene Carboy

[5 gallon]
Screw cap, carrying handle

Available from various vendors
Lab Safety Supply, Item # 8218W, $15.60* each
Lab Safety Supply, Item # 66423, $20.50* each

*Vendor price may change.


High Density Polyethene Containers

[5 gallons, 12.2 gallons]

Used for scintillation vial collection

Order from Waste Management


Battery Collection Bucket

[5 gallons, green]

Order from Waste Management


Metal 55 gallon, closed head drum

Used for large volumes of non-corrosive liquids

Order from Waste Management


Polyethylene Drum

[55 gallon, Closed head]

Used for large volumes of liquid corrosive wastes

Order from Waste Management


Metal Drums

[55 gallons, 30 gallons, 10 gallons]

Open head

Used for solid wastes

Order from Waste Management